(Potentially) good news for Chicago!

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    Editorial: Toni Preckwinkle targets waste in drug war - Chicago Sun-Times

    Preckwinkle suggests actually issuing out tickets for small marijuana possession rather than jail time. :hello:
    There was also an article about the CPD thinking about changing their policies as well, so this is a real possibility folks.

    Also, Rahm just put up a website for people to submit ideas to help the Illinois budget problems. I suggest anyone living in IL go to this website and support the decriminalization of Marijuana. Granted, this article doesn't really offer any info other than posting ideas on this website, it's good to see decriminalization in the headlines.

    Here's where you can support marijuana decriminalization:

    Thanks Rahm for actually ATTEMPTING to listen to the citizens!

    Let's get this shit done! :smoke:
  2. For some reason I thought Cook Country was already decriminalized?
  3. Only in unincorporated parts of the city, but the article says no tickets have been issued because of the "language" in the law.

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