Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by collie_man, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. I'm only 18 years old. I'm about to graduate highschool and head to college. At this point I can go anywhere with my life. It excites me to think about the possibilities. I could be anything, a doctor, a scientist, a marine biologist, a phycologist...

    At this point in my life, Potential is a wonderful thing. Although I used to hate this word, its alright by me now :)

    I'm just nervous I'm going to get arrested or something and fuck everything up... knock on wood

    Is anyone with me?
  2. Don't get too nervous... Just live that life and kick it, because college only comes once. I'll tell you when it's good to be nervous. You're tripping acid, alone, and you think you're meeting God. I guarantee you that will be way more nerve-racking than worrying you'll get arrested - which is only potentially nerve-racking (as in, it's unsubstantiated).

    You don't smoke cigarettes, do you? The addiction is not cool.

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