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  1. I have three Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk and one White Widow growing under 668 actual watts from fluorescent tubes and CFL's. There are about 48,000 lumens on these plants in a six foot grow room. I plant on letting them veg for a month and a half before switching to the flower light cycle. As for nutrients I have about five worms in every pot producing castings, and have nutes high in nitrogen for veg and nutes high in phosphorus for flower (I don't remember which brand or the name but can check if necessary) I also have been mixing sucanat in the water as I read it can increase yield by as much as twenty percent. Thus far the plants are all about four inches - it has been a week and a half. Could anyone give me a vague estimate of the yield for the white widow and the pineapple chunk based off of this alone? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. No. good luck.
  3. Like many new growers you ask the question that is unanswerable.

    I could lie an say 10 ounces but then that would just be lieing lol

    Every plant and seed is different to another so can therefor produce different amounts, the only way u can produce a yield is by growing it out an weighin the end product I'm afraid. You can get a close estimate nearer the end of your grow but then again that's just an estimate.

    My rule of thunb is don't expect too much (especially if your new) and you won't be dissapointed :)
  4. many variables we do notknow but could...
    many variable we can't know no matter what...
    given all this, best anyone could estimate might be something like:
    "well more than 0lbs, well less than 1lbs"

    looking for answers like this just sets meaningless expectations

    have fun with the grow, love the ladies, and they will love you back :smoke:
  5. Advice to live by.

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