Potential yield in this area with one plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Skurr, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I have a 3.5'x3.5'x5' grow area. I will be using about a 3 gallon, maybe little bigger, container with a 400w HPS light and supplemental CFLS on the side. I plan to grow Barney's Farm Violator Kush. What can be the predicted yield of 1 plant in that grow area with a 400w light, given the TLC it will recieve? I know no one can exactly predict a yield, but on average what do you guesstimate?
  2. Really no idea. It could go from nothing to 10 oz.
  3. Thought I'd get an answer like this. Alright, guess I'm just going to have to grow it and see! This plant supposedly only grows 20 inches in height.
  4. I'm not being an asshole, sorry if it came across that way. There's just so many factors that come in to play.

    Maybe people will come in this thread and tell you about their yields in a similar set up. Then take the average from them.
  5. Didn't mean to make you look like one. I didn't even think you were being one. I just had a feeling I'd get that answer.
  6. Haha oh ok, cool man! :D

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