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  1. This is a spot i could use for a guerrilla grow next season, one plant will be in that white bucket, and a few more on the ground where I'm standing
    Cameras facing south

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    Keep in mind that those trees will be full of leaves and might not allow enough light to your plants to get much of a yield. Do you plan to trim back any branches? I prefer to not mess around much with the surrounding vegetation, but that's a moral thing mostly. I dont like the idea of destroying trees to grow a crop. If you can find a spot that's more out in the open, but still at the edge of some trees so as to blend in, that would be ideal to me.

    And near a water source...
  3. I probably would have to cut back some branches or at least pull them back a bit
    On a moral note, I cleared 3 bin bags full of bottles and cans out of that spot this morning so i think it should balance out ;)
  4. This is the police, I'm coming with a warrant for your Panasonic DMC-FS35
  5. Haha i remember that signature :p, but wtf isnt tht a TV, but OP trim the branches to show more sun for the plants

  6. Doesn't raise any red flags about the security? Obviously that isn't a sign that a person may have stumbled across it, but it sounds like multiple people/multiple times. I'd pass bro.

  7. Na, if it is, that TVs got a pretty good camera
  8. Fuck man its right next to a road, can't you see the 2 white lines and tarmac, .. prob chavs driving in cars stopping and dumping their shit all over the place.. my spot i found a bottle but dates back 15yrs ago hahaha
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    yeah those tins are from like 5 years plus, also you cant see the spot from where i got the tins
    i got 3 spots lined up so ill do a few plants at each see how it goes
    It is very close to a minor road, but its like at the top of a raised hedge so no one can see it
    Will the smell be strong enough to notice if you walked on the road ?
    cheers guys
  10. Yeah if you just trim them and don't hack them to shit it shouldn't be a problem at all. I wasn't trying to sound like a snob.
  11. Depends on how big the plants get. I had a small hidden plot that you couldnt smell until you came up on it, but then my larger at home grow smelled to the next block over. I think the mountains and trees help to filter the smell a little. I hope it all works out for you. Watch out for snakes and ticks and all that when it gets warmer out. In my area there is all kinds of wildlife to watch out for. It makes it that much more exhilarating, lol.
  12. Cheers man I'm only doing a few autos so they shouldn't get too big
  13. Judging by that bucket it looks like it could already be somebodys potential grow spot. If its anywhere close and easily accesible i'd deny it. People walk where other people can walk. Dig further, trash is not a good sign and anywhere close to a road is not good at all, it just takes 1 whiff on the right day too tell someone there is crop nearby and its over. Youll go out there and they will be gone. Try to find somewhere more remote.
  14. Haha don't worry I put that bucket there
    Thanks for the advice I'll put my plants at another spot but I will put 1 low smell auto (grapefruit maybe ?) in the bucket see how that goes
    If it gets found no loss
  15. Iv never grown anything before in my life lol...Iv Read majuana outdoors guerilla growing by Jorge Cervantes and got a basic plan of how I'm going to do it but want some experienced advice ? I'm going to be growing outdoors in West Sussex in uk. I'm going to germinate my seeds in plates then plant them in there perment homes 15 liter pots filled with organic soil then I'm going to plant them in my locations and fertilise with bio biz grow followed by bio bizz bloom and going to use a bio bizz leaf coat for pests about 3-4 tins throughout the grow. There's millions of strains and I still haven't decided on one yet as I want a reliable big yielding strain that doesn't require to much work. Any advice or pointers where in going to go wrong will be appriciated please help ??? Strains I'm thinking of holland hope and passion #1
  16. I've heard its better to start them off in there final position so it doesnt stress them
  17. it won't stress them to start esewhere just make sure the final location is ready when the plants outgrow the first small cups/pots as rootbound plants will flower earlier from stress.
    Id move to another spot without a road (when you'll tend to them you can be seen) and trash lying around (easy access). A sunny and secluded location is essential and you should have several spots to choose from and not have all plants in the same basket.
  18. Are there any good indicator plants, like ones that grow were weed could also grow
    I'm thinking stinging nettles ?
  19. haul in your own soil if possible for best results
    you need lots of sun, a water source nearby and seclusion

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