Potential Iron Deficiency? Troubleshooting an Issue

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SierraFrontiersman2, May 31, 2019.

  1. Here is some pictures of a new issue that has appeared recently. The new growth on this plant has always had a bright green color, but this seems to be progressing into new territory. I have heard that Iron problems can cause this pattern on young leaves. Any ideas?
    Potentially nutrient lock-out?

    At the moment, the discoloration is only appearing on new growth.

    Growing in previously-used (bean plant, last season) Miracle-Grow/Topsoil mixture. I have not added anything to the soil except tapwater. Im sure the pH is FUBAR.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Yeah look's like an Iron deficiency, treat with some "chelated iron"...
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  3. Hmm, yeah Iron seems to be the culprit. Thanks for your input/evaluation.

    I have a granulated quick-release fertilizer that contains 12% nitrogen, 4% phosphate and 8% potash but also contains 0.95% Iron.

    Do you think applying a small amount of that would remedy the issue and not create a toxicity? Or should I seek out the chelated iron?
  4. I personally would check the Ph and make sure that is within range....if it's not....get it there and most likely that will solve the problem.....if you check the Ph the next few waterings and its ok....then i might start looking at adding some/different nutes
  5. For sure, I will order a pH tester for the water.
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