Potential Grow Room Design and Setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by RyanBroo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I've recently decided to begin the adventure of growing the famous herb myself. The plan was to build a wooden box myself with the dimensions of 3x3x7. I would plaster the walls completely head to toe with Mylar, and keep one side of the box accessible with hinges. I would have one 250CFM fan in the bottom by itself (no tubing) drawing air in, while one fan would be in the top, opposite side, drawing air out. Also one medium sized fan would be inside the box oscillating the air. The buckets in the bottom would have a tube that pumped the excess water outside into the drain and disposes of it. I will attach a humidity measure inside the box along with a Ph meter for the soil. I was thinking of attaching a ring to above the grow box, and adjust the height of the light with a steel cable. I was thinking of having about 4 plants at a time in the closet, and would vegetate them with a metal halide 250watt light, and as they begin to flower I would switch to a 250watt HPS light for that period. Thinking about adding a timer as well to turn off the lights accordingly. Lastly, I was thinking of adding a carbon filter to the exhausting fan. My questions are as follows; Does my setup look okay? Can I use the metal halide light then switch to HPS light like that? Whats the best soil to use, and what do people mostly use for fertilizer's and such? Does the water used matter to much or can I use tap? This is my first grow, and I would love to make it great. Thanks in advance [​IMG]

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