potential grow box for LR#2

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gr33n_Cr0nIc, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. anybody deal with lowryder 2 cause i am about to build a box to try to fit roughly 36 of them little pricks. my idea for size was about 8'L X 2'W X 6'H i am going to put a shelf in at about 3ft to two different sections. im putting them in 6x6 inch pots. im going to use 4ft T5 lights and a shit load of mylar. so my question is do you think this setup is going to work. my biggest concern is height because im really pushing it with just roughly about 12inches for the plant. is that enough for the lowryder to fully develop
  2. also i am going to put 4 setups of 4, 4ft T5 bulbs spanning the 8 ft length. they are said to put out 5000 watts a bulb so i will have roughly 80,000 lumens over the ladies. on each level i will have roughly 80,000 lumens over 64 little ladies. another question is you think that this will be enough light?

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