potential friends with benefits help!

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  1. so i have this friend. and he is seriously my bestbestbest friend. but i want more, but i dont want a relationship. i just want a seady fuck buddy. but i dont know how to go about bringing this up with him. and i dont wanna just pounce on him and possibly freak him out.

    help me out! how should i bring this up? and do you think its a good idea??
  2. Just slowly move your face closer and closer to his ear, while brushing your skin against his soft warm cheeks, and softly whisper... "wanna fuck?".

    It would do it for me.
  3. Ask him if he'd be interested in an arrangement like that before you hook up with him. Don't want to hurt him or yourself, rushing into things without an idea of what the other person is expecting. Make sure you're both on the same page. It will make things easier in the long run.
  4. yeaah. but how do i bring it up without it being...weird? or awkward? or something like that?
  5. Fuck buddies can be awesome!

    The answer to both your ?'s is BE HONEST AND UPFRONT WITH EVERYTHING:smoking:
  6. That's a good question. I sort of jokingly asked my friend if he could teach me how to get down and that worked... I don't feel... credible enough to answer this ha, so yeah, take cowboysaxman's advice. That about sums it up.
  7. so just go for it? i think thats what im gonna do!
  8. ask for help of an old friend... Alcohol :)
  9. no alcohol. just ask him straight up. we're not nearly as complicated as you think we are
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    Lmao if ur hot, you will definitely not freak him out, he would be rather astonished.
  11. While you're smoking a bowl or sitting down talking to him, just go "can i ask you something?" and that will make him a wonder what you could possibly ask him and open it up a little, then go "what do you think about fuck buddy's?" and then "would you wanna be my fuck buddy?" but just as in your own words/way. Easily will work
  12. If there is any potential for it, how you go about it doesn't matter.

    Trust me, he will jump on any chance if he wants it.
  13. if u know hes not seeing anybody idk why u just dont str8 out ask him. you could say "what do you think about us as potential fuck buddies. seems alil more harmless. if he overeacts like you are thinking he will good thing. hes an asshole anyway
  14. quit trolling, jk
  15. If you're friends, he more than likely finds you sexually attractive. Guys aren't generally friends with girls they wouldn't fuck. We have a natural aversion to ugly women.
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    I disagree. Most of the chicks that im friends with are not attractive, they're just good people.:confused: Although id probably still fuck them if they asked for it cuz im a nice guy and what kinda guy says no to pussy with no strings attached?

    hmm just noticed i only ever post when im drunk, but not when im high
  17. I still find it shocking that women actually think they are going to freak men out by wanting to fuck them.
  18. Maybe if it was some snooki-lookin ho. But seriously ladies, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

  19. If you're serious, you'll have no trouble getting him to fuck you.

    All you have to do is ask, really.

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