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potential for a great idea for bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. ok first of all ***I DO NOT INTEND TO GET ANIMALES HIGH** i read the rules ect.
    But, what if i put a fish or two in my bong water and smoked with them in there? i think i may try it, just wanted to know what every one thinks
  2. if you want to kill some fish pretty fast and suck smoke through water with fish shit in it...
  3. this is one of the worst ideas ive ever heard

  4. This is almost as dumb as the guy that wanted to smoke cinnamon. ALMOST.
  5. Sounds like somthing you'd see on Cribs Tv show

    "Yo im so ballin i got fish in my bong":D
  6. Haha do it. It can't be worse than people swallowing goldfish whole haha.

    But seriously, it'll kill them and it'll probably fuck up your bong. Plus, I'm pretty sure you don't want fish guts going into your lungs.

    But damn, that would be the ultimate way to die as a fish. He would get so baked before he died 3 seconds later. The THC would go straight to his little fish brain and fry it.
  7. is this a serious post?
  8. Hahaha this is amazing

  9. [​IMG]
  10. Try it and report back.
  11. i just call that a happy fish wtf guys?
  12. Hahahah, that's so nasty, I'd feel like I was slurping up fish or something...yum yum like sushi
  13. I was actually thinking about fish in a bong about an hour ago, before even seeing this thread. Crazy. But, I wasn't thinking about actually smoking with the little guy in there, I thought it would make a pretty badass decorative. :p
  14. haha how high are you to actually consider doing this?
  15. i would never smoke with them in there, but it would be pretty sweet to have a little bong with a beta fish inside. actually, i think i might have to do that now
  16. that would be freeky to see but i suggest not doing it get plastic fish with a crystal clear bong u culd name it aquarius or get a bong with fist disigns
  17. It scares me, because I was thinking about this EXACT same thing. Just using a bong as a fish bowl. But not ever using the bong.... thats just wierd.

  18. haha i remember a guy who wanted to smoke nutmeg.this is not nearrly as retarded. but it wouldnt work. might be funny to hit it tho that fucker would have no clue whats goin on
  19. Seriously dood ... how did you come up with an idea like that... wtf were u smoking... i want some. To be honest.. i think the fish would live.. as long as u only keep it in there for the duration of the bowl and then put it back in fresh water... it probably be stoned and swim into the side of the tank... I personally wouldnt do it.. but i am curious... LMAO wtf fish in a bong.. ive heard of putting shit in your bong water.. but never a fish
  20. ive thought of this exact thing. The idea of the fish dying never really bothered me, it was more on the idea that i didnt want it to die so soon. I mean if you could get a fish to live in your bong water and survive all the smoking, wouldnt that be fucking sweet?

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