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  1. So I think made a big mistake and for all I know, it may have cost me my crop. Looking for any experienced insight as to what I should do, would be greatly appreciated!!! So after reading somewhere that I should foliage feed with same nutes I use to soil feed, I made the mistake of foliage feeding at THE SAME STRENGTH as a soil feed. No need to call me stupid, I'm pretty sure I feel dumb enough. This is my first grow, so I just didn't know. Today after a solid day of sun (which we haven't had much of at all this summer) the plants leaves have all wilted, almost into like taco shape. I used a combo of grow big and big bloom (fox farm) AS DIRECTED ON BOTTLE!! I since potentially topped my stupidity up tonight with another foliage spray with some Epsom salts as I was told my plants are lacking magnesium sulphate. So they've had that now as well. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated ASAP. They're outdoors in pots and have been very healthy up until this point. Don't have pics but can provide them soon....

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  2. If you foil fed same strength as you feed soil with fox farms you can probably kiss the plants bye bye. Yup should have washed them off immediately. Post pictures. It might recover.
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  4. Man I'm gonna lose it!!! Won't be able to post till tomorrow, it's dark out now. Anyways I figured that might be the case, but I was more hoping for a possible fast solution, not just relaying what I basically already figured lol. Put a lot of work into this. Not happy!!
  5. Let's see some pics...
  6. Sorry man, not much you can do but wait, hopefully it recovers. They're hardy plants. I've tried to kill them multiple ways as experiments, over doing with fox farms foilar is a new one. Let us know how they turn out !
  7. Thanks man. I really hope you're right. Pretty down on myself right now. Time will tell and I'll post outcome before potential suicide lol.
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