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  1. So uh, it's 12:45 in the am right now and at about 12 or so, I decided to have me a smoke. This was my second time smoking in about two weeks. I did so on my front porch and dimmed the lights off. Smoked my bowl, was unwinding, and all of the sudden a car enters my cul de sac, which is rare in the first place, not to mention at 12:15 am. It enters and circles slowly, then pauses at the bottom, only to leave when I peak and see where it's at. 20 mins later, it came and sat in the top of my cul de sac, positioned across from my bedroom. It left when it took notice of my peeping through the blinds. Again leaving very slowly, turning to go towards the beginning of the street.

    So yea, that shit's made me super paranoid. I don't live in the greatest neighborhood either.

    I feel like they could either be people scouting out the house for a break in, or to confirm suspicions about someone smoking bud.

    At super shitty luck someone has been sent to get a warrant to search the house. Get a visit from the police. They find a decent bit of bud. Go from there.

    Worst luck/horror scenario, the government is monitoring me for some reason.

    Only best case scenario is if it's kids or folks lookin for bud. In which case I don't want them in my business anyways. I don't sell. Never have, never will.

    Not feelin too great about this. Shout out and all the love to anyone who reads this.

    There's also the total overthinking it kinda thing. So we'll see. Any thoughts, or tips for a run in with the authorities?

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    Dude you sound super paranoid. You need to chill out damn. You're over thinking things. Maybe you should lay off the bud Hahaa.... And by the way people don't usually break into people's houses at night. Its usually in the mornings or afternoons when people arnt home. I doubt its law enforcement either. Seriously though you need to chill out.

    You need to calm down bro

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  3. Sorry man. I have no point of reference due to no one being up to talk to. But yea this tends to happen the first time or second time I smoke after my tolerance lowers back to 0

    Also meant for the gov thing to be a joke but I guess it makes sense in this context for it to be taken otherwise. I've kinda been gradually coming down and I feel better.

    Thanks for being a voice of reason, yo.

    But yea take it easy, man

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  4. <sup>Im going to have to agree wiff buddy up there ur being super paranoid haha no one would drive around a neighbourhood slowly to scope out a house and then be stupid enough to creep up to it and not do anything at that moment even late at night theres always that one weird neighbour who sees everything

    was probably some kids smoking some weed themselves and when they saw you creeping on them they got scared and dipped haha </sup>

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    haha we were talking to a friend of ours today that's a sheriffs deputy ...my dad asked him about anyone involved in marijuana..deputy says that since the judge just lets em go after they get arrested..they really don't care anymore...he said even if they get a tip about a grow there would be a 95% probability that they
    would say the hell with it and not do shit about it....I just sat there listening and never said shit...
    but I was really like.."well you boys are starting to smarten up a little bit"....I thought the convo with the deputy was pretty damn good..don't you?..
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  7. I bet he never noticed you peeping through a random window at nighttime with blinds on said window. Haha paranoia at its best.

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