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POTENT vaped weed brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GDPlover, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. well for some reason i never seem to throw away my vaped weed i just put it in a jar and collect it, well i decided that i should make a batch of edibles beacuse i had plenty of Vaped bud to use to make cannabutter, i used to 3 sticks of butter and about 40 grams of vaped weed, (now the this is high quality vaped weed there are still visable trichomes on it and its not black like how the vapor brother vaporizer leaves the bowl when its done.) so i extracted all the essential oils and THC out of the vaped weed and i had a measuring cup half full of very potent cannabutter i then proceded to use it all in a batch of brownies which in the end I ended up with 15 brownies. Now i must say i was completly amazed that these brownies are the strongest edibles i have ever had in my life they are even more potent then the edibles i get at the club, other then the ice cream i have tried. I ate one on a empty stomach first thing in the morning with no smoking, and it hit me so hard the crazy thing is that it felt like i had actually took like 5 kush bonghits but there was also that intense body high that edibles give you only the body high was so extreme i had to lay down and i couldnt move. I was so supprised to find out how strong these brownies are. I just wanted to let guys know that you should save your vaped weed and make edibles because it will fuck you up. has anyone else made edibles with there vaped remains?
  2. i dunno what vape bros. vape you were blazin from, but mine never blacks the bowl. always brown, sometimes tan depending how dank. i never made edibles but i would always roll up gigantic blunts and get hella baked.

  3. vape bros. is a vape that my friend has and it pretty much burns the weed, i have a Dawsonator Vaporizer aka Evolution vaporizer it works amazing and my vaped remains is a Tan color as well. i have smoked it before in desperate times and it gave me a dirty high and it had no flavor and was severly harsh, but i am very satisfied with the edible technique and will be using it again when i collect more vaped weed.
  4. ^I don't have a vape but from what I hear maybe he has the temp up too high

    I want to get a vape, and I will evetually.... and I'll save that shit.
  5. thats what im trying to say. i do have a vapor bros vape. i use it almost daily, well nightly to fall asleep. i found the "sweet spot" and never burn bowls. my vape is one of the best wooden vapes i've ever smoked.

    does your friend just turn the knob all the way up or what? if its burning, turn the knob down.
  6. Good suggestion, a lot of people don't think of doing this.

    My fiance has been whining that we haven't been having any edibles because the volcano has been sent in for a replacement.

    btw, thanks for not posting shots from weedtracker anymore
  7. What kind of vape do you use
  8. I agree. We made one batch of brownies with about 100 grams of vaped weed from my Dawsonator and it got me higher than I have ever been. I felt like I was on pills. Serious. Crazy shit! Can't wait for more. Oh and Vape bros and all othe wooden vapes suck. And until you have used some thing as high quality as the Dawsonator, you really have no frame of reference. Go buy a Dawsonator and you will never even see your Vape bros again.
  9. thats strange how its more potent after you have just vaporized what seems like most of it off. someone should analyze the THC and other cannabinoid levels or sumthin and see what happens.:)
  10. thanks for posting. we have bout 11 grams from the volacano and another friend has 24 from his. so im definatly going to make some butter tomorrow

    whoever started teh thread what temp do you vape at
  11. mmmm.....brownies.
  12. I used about 14 grams of high quality vaporized herb to make brownies.All I did was grind up the vaped herb and put it in the mix.Tasted horrible,got me faded.
  13. = OP, or Original Poster

    not tryin to be all grammer police

    but its easier to say lol
  14. Ive been cooking with my vape leftovers for over a year now. Check some of my older posts for chocolcate/candy/brownie/bread recipies.

    In my experience and understading is that when we vape at lower temps or "lightly vape" or herb, we are leaving behind alot of the compounds responsible for the strong body high.

    I have an actual sick friend that uses my brownies in place of oxy's.

    I usually use 14grams per stick of lightly vaped medical.
  15. Yeah i have a da buddah and its all about temperature setting to keep it from burning the bud. If your planning on cooking with the bud then just keep the temp down and move it up slightly until you just get the vapor. This is actually how you should always vape but lets face it we are not all that patient are we, including me.

  16. You smoke vaped weed? :eek: Doesn't that defeat the purpose of vaping it? You're literally ingesting the tars and other nasty shit that vapes are designed to eliminate. There will still be a tiny bit of thc left though that's why you should save up and make some potent edibles. And if edibles aren't your thing, make them anyway and sell them - buy weed with the profits $$:smoke:
  17. Oh so the Magic Flight Launch Box sucks? That's funny, considering the fact that there is pretty much a new MFLB thread a day explaining how effective, stealthy, and conservative it is.
  18. Just made some firecrackers with vaped remains. Wasn't sure how good they were but I sold 3 to my friend and he said he was stoned for 8+ hours. Edibles kick ass :cool:
  19. Making Cannabutter with "poo" from my volcano is the best thing to ever happen to me after getting my Volcano...

    Idk about the rest of you guys but I save up a 100g so i have big mixture of different strains. best high of my life, and doesn't taste bad at all when eating the medibles
  20. I agree. I've owned a Volcano Digit, VaporGenie, and MFLB and I have to say that the Volcano and MFLB are the best. They both deliver thick hits. The MFLB is much more stealthy and portable, but it still delivers hits as good as the ones from the Volcano. I've never heard of a Dawsonator.

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