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  1. Here it is. If I were to grow outdoors:

    I am looking for tips to get the highest possible
    potency from growing outdoors. I obviously will not be
    growing hydroponically.

    Appx a dozen to two dozen plants
    No greenhouse
    I would use fertilizer that is slightly alkaline.
    I have appx. from May 1st through September 30th.
    Little rain during this period. Maybe 5 days with any
    measurable amount of rain each month. I am gonna
    lace the area with some moth bolls and human urine.
    Other steps will be taken to protect the plants.
    I was wondering if there are any other steps I can take
    to protect the plants from insects and other pests and

    Also for indoor growing. I am under the impression that
    High Pressure Sodium and Metal Hallide are two very good
    lights that can be used. I can`t remeber which one comes
    first and which one should be used during flowering.
  2. Hey cool name!! well i don't know too much about growing outdoors, but i wouldn't put that many plants together in the one place just incase they get found..."Don't put all you're eggs in the one basket" also as for the lights....MH for vegging and HPS for flowering well that seems to be the norm allthough opinions are mixed on whether to go HPS all the way ....mix both at the same time and so on....well hope that helps you.....Peace out.....Sid
  3. Yeah, and how would I get the best potency?

    Anyone know the entire process? And if so, what is the
    approximate time between the time it starts to bud, the
    time it ends the budding and the time between the end
    of budding and beginning of seed growth?
  4. Pick a good quality strain,and grow it to the best of your,and mother natures ability,,is the only way to have good potency/yield..Strain,growing conditions,,will determine all phases of growth/timing....

    7-14 weeks flowering depending on strain...


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