Potency Variation in Shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Glass Jar, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. What differences in potency have you guys come across between different batches of shrooms, when dosing on the same weight?

    I'm just curious because this weekend, my friends and I are going to try our first real tripping-level dose of magic mushrooms that a friend grew, we'll be getting about 4g inside each of us.

    I've eaten up to 2g before (I like dipping my toes before I jump in to anything :p), and I thought it was pretty comparable to simply eating marijuana edibles.

    Is the difference between 4g of strong shrooms vs. average shrooms a big difference that should affect how much we decide to take?
  2. OH NO.... Your first time on shrooms is always the best. You should have gone all out:(

    But anyway, ive noticed GREAT variety in mushroom potency. Ive had eighths that hit me like half oz's. And half oz's that gave me a mild trip...

    4gs should give a decent trip if the mush is any good. I usually start with 5gs and go up. but im pretty experienced.
  3. I disagree with going all out on the first time. "You can always increase the dosage next time if you aim too low, but you can't decrease a bad trip." - Erowid.

    And to the OP, even a difference by 1 gram can make a significant difference. How much of a bigger step you want to take is up to your discretion. If you're confident and you feel that you're ready for a big jump to a higher level, you should go for it.

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