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potency of skunk #1

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by travo420, May 30, 2009.

  1. i was just lookin at some forum website and it had a strain list. i searched skunk #1 my fav. weed that i have tried. ok well first of all it said it was 75% sativa and 25% indica?? when i smoke it i get a massive body high im talkin couch lock. zoned out infront of the tv wit a bag of doritos kind of high. so i assumed it was an indica. well it also say that skunk #1 was " THC: 8.1%" isn't that kinda low? when i smoke it i get baked off of a few snaps in the bong. and no im not a lightweight i am a big guy and i can hold(or smoke) my own. so is this true or is the site false?
  2. Uhhh as far as i'm concernced being a bigger guy has nothing to do with being "higher or less higher" than a skinny guy. It's releasing a chemical in your brain. Don't confuse it with alcohol.
  3. the indica/sativa is genetics.

    The 8.1% THC figure will be different from one person's crop to another (an individual plant difference too, but more so crop to crop). You can get it higher or lower. It depends on the growing conditions (too many of which to list).

    and no, that isnt really low, but it isnt top end either.
  4. The %THC figures that people cite are almost all bullshit. I've yet to see credible lab reports that say any strain has the 20%+ that many claim these days.

    As for being couchlocked, if it really was Skunk #1 and the high was that stoney then the grower let the crop get over-mature before harvesting, that's all.
  5. alright thanks for the info guys much appreciated..

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