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  1. I don't know shit from shineola. Never grown an auto flower. From what I understand, they derive from the so-called - and disputed - ruderalis cannabis sub species. All things being equal, how does the potency of an outdoor grown auto flower compare to a outdoor grown photo sensitive plant?
    Originally,the knock on ruderalis was they were low in THC since they were mostly from a uncultivated wild escaped eastern European hemp plant.
    What's the average yield one can expect from an auto flowering variety. Do they taste green or do they have a nice resiny flavor?
  2. Good breeders breed for the auto Gene, and then they cross it back with the original plant, thus increasing potency to that of the original strain, and having the Auto flower trait. So they can be exactly the same.

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  3. Autos have come a far way from their Rudy heritage. In many cases, the autos of today's breeders have potency comparable to photos.
  4. Honestly in my eyes the only significant difference between autos and photos outdoor is yield for obvious reasons.
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    I got a half pound off 2 autos last grow. Bubblegum from growers choice. Great tasting smoke too[​IMG]

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  6. What kind of nutes do autos require vs photos. I just ordered a bunch of auto seeds to try and salvage a dismal outdoor season. I'll be growing in the ground.

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  7. @Eagleyedye those are beautiful. Indoor or out? I've got a lemon ak auto and a green crack that I popped may 26th and they are both about week 2 now. They are outdoors and never topped.
  8. Those were indoor. Harvested a few months ago. They are nice brother. Real smooth 60%sativa per Grower choice. [​IMG]

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