Potency + Completion Issue...help!

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  1. This plant (Hindu Kush) of mine is effing bonkers. It has been majorly stressed and taking it's sweet time to finish up. Currently, I'm seeing about 70-90% cloudy trichs on most of the plant....BUT

    1. there is zero smell
    2. white hairs are STILL growing
    3. there are a bunch of red hairs but only a few have begun to recede and just barely
    4. I've been in 12/12 for 9 weeks
    5. The top 3 inches of the plant have NOTHING BUT WHITE HAIRS while the rest of the plant have had significant red hair conversion (just none really receding)

    Because I have the trichs at a 70-90% cloudy state I snipped off a bud and have dried it. I smoked it and got a small buzz but it only lasted an hour. Pretty freaking weak.

    Am I being impatient here? Or is this a lost cause? OR will this plant finish up like all other plants will?

    And please keep in mind that this plant was basically resurrected from borderline death.

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  2. Didn't you just answer your own question? Are you happy with your bud at this point?

    Let her go longer...
  3. But is it normal to have zero smell after 9 weeks of flowering? Or to have white hairs still sprouting? If so, I'm being totally impatient. But I'm worried the stress has effed it up.
  4. This can affect both flowering time as well as the finished product. The only way to find out what will happen is to let her go and see what you get when she decides to finish...

    Is what you have "normal"? Maybe not, but what is "normal" supposed to be for that particular pheno of that particular strain, grown in those exact conditions?
  5. you can harvest now...... just so you know

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