PotCake Dog anyone have or heard of them?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by pickerman, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Gonna try this again.
    My buddy just adopted a dog that was a rescue from the Caribbean Islands, the pup was a mess when it was rescued (heart worms, lyme like disease,and something else too) Great little dog he named Lilly.
    This Dog has saved my buddy who was an emotional basketcase before he got a new dog.
    Dog has saved his life , so I ask myself who rescued who?
    This is a brief history on the breed, interesting.
    The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Its name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would go to the dogs. Although appearance varies, potcakes generally have smooth coats, cocked ears, and long faces. A group of potcakes is known as a parliament.
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  2. A parliament of potcakes... sounds wonderfull ..
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  3. could we get some glamour shots of Lilly? :)

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