Potatoes for fungus gnats?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone has used potato slices on their soil to attract fungus gnats to. I used them yesterday and did find fungus gnats on them then obviously got rid of those potatoes immediately. Tonight I put some more slices on to hopefully get rid of some more.I've been also putting off watering everything for a couple days to hopefully dry out anything living in the soil and make them more attracted to the potatoes. My question is should I continue putting potatoes on my soil until I don't see any more gnats on them or is the one or two times enough? if not any other suggestions for an organic solution to these little buggers would be highly appreciated.

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  2. Mosquito Dunks or any other product with BTi.
    Then Yellow sticky cards  in all the shaded areas of your grow area.
    This should completely rid your gnat issues.... also Yucca Extract also seems to drive them away, and is a good additve to your soil anyways.
    SNS also makes some great products that are organic, and I use them from time to time for prevention.
  3. Neem meal, crab shell topdressing. Just brought some fungus gnats inside w/ some leaves. No big deal.
  4. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Definitely going to give those a try

    " One whom plants a garden plants happiness"
  5. Would you possibly know if mosquito dunks in my soil would be okay for my praying mantis?

    " One whom plants a garden plants happiness"

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