Potassium deficiency

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  1. Hi all! So I have had some issues and have figured out how to remedy most of them BUT I still have one lingering problem...

    All of my veg plants were showing signs of nitrogen deficiency, we remedied this problem with nitrogen high bat guano. Well, then we were showing signs of potassium deficiency (classic signs of yellowing edges with little brown spots (see pic)) So we remedied this problem with blackstrap molasses and all the plants responded fantastically to an every other molasses feed EXCEPT ONE. The yellowing plant in the picture is one of our seedlings "Angel".. she wants to grow up but not out and is not responding to the molasses treatment. We have increased her molasses intake to little avail....Any ideas? What else can I do (cheaply) to up her potassium?

    You can see the other plants responded well and look pretty healthy (see pic 3). What's different about "Angel"... why is she not responding to our efforts?

    They are all one week out from flower but I am afraid to flower "Angel" in the shape she is in.

    There is one main difference. The good growing plants are in a MG Moisture Control soil..."Angel" is in a mixture of 50% MG Organic Choice, 25% Steer manure compost (aged), and 25% perolite. Is there any way I can fix her before flower?

    Light is sufficient (trust me), water is always ph'ed...babies are babied ;)

    Any advice would be helpful!!

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  2. Hi.

    These are definite Calcium (Ca) deficiency signs.

    Dont nobody go screamin about the soil, cuz its good lol.

  3. are you sure? I looked up calcium/mag deficiency but I still think it looks more like Potassium... this is page 251 of the indoor/outdoor medical bible... looks exactly like that middle picture doesn't it?
    I dunno- sometimes a new pair of eyes helps ;)

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  4. Ok...

    Nows the time when I ask:

    What is the ph of the water ???
    Are u feeding any nutes at all ???
    If u are, what is the K ratio on the label ???

    Molasses alone wont feed your plant what it requires.

  5. ph is at 6.0 2 TBS bat guano 10-2-1 and for the last 3 feeds 1 TBS Molasses to 1 gallon of water

    is it not enough?
  6. Ya, u need higher K than :1
    Molasses is good.

    The underlying factor is the Ph. Its too low.
    They cant feed good that way.
    U should raise it to the range of 6.3 - 6.8.
    They will eat, and it will clear up.

    I still see a Ca/Mg thing goin on, but its
    not threatening.

    Alwayz clear up the Ph first.

  7. okay- thank you! I'll up the ph a little and see if she don't turn around... ;)
  8. Seemed to me, when i thought i had a P issue, i was getting Grey spots on the middle of my leafs, my ph was unbalanced and not soaking up the required Balance it needed.

    Long story short, ph fixed my problem, already suggested above by the man :D ^



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