potant pot plant in front yard

Discussion in 'General' started by guLLy, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. holy fuck theres a random bagseed plant i have to transplant this thing before my parents see or smell this thing, it smells so fucking good

    how is you transplant cannabis
  2. How is you graduate high school?:confused:
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    HAha a good laugh to start the morning

  4. why is he wanna grow pot? no many cells in brain to smoke away?
  5. huh? :rolleyes:

  6. :(

    Who died?
  7. A person's death is not a laughing matter.

  8. Unless it was a clown.
  9. guys, maybe the OP does nto speak english as a first language. i hope thats the case anyway, lOL!
  10. me civic lol at thread whole. lol damn this is to funny. so yea about this plant in the front yard of your parents house. my only question is WHY?
  11. :laughing:

    it took me about 20 minutes to catch this. wow haha.. I gotta start paying more attention.
  12. Do rodeo clowns count?
  13. what about gingers? my mommy told me they have no souls(sorry to offend any ging's in here:p)
  14. i can has plant?
  15. I can has recon?
  16. good way to get caught?
  17. shoot the moon
  18. It's probably not even a pot plant...I been seeing threads left and right lately about people claiming to have found a pot plant and when they put pics up, it turns out it was just a weed :rolleyes:

    Where's your pics OP?

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