pot vs. alcohol

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mltagm424, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. okay, so, let me just say that i\'ve never done anything that i regret while high. i\'ve never been high enough to do something to really fuck up...i don\'t know if i just have never smoked that much or what...but i\'ve just never been too high to lose my self control and do really crazy shit.

    now, being drunk is a totally different story. i tend to get bold. that\'s why i love weed sooooo much. i\'m so sick of these dumb fucks who think pot is soooo bad but they get really drunk and fuck two guys who are roommates and then have a three some with the other guys that live in the house! ahhhh! stupid booze! goddammit!

    i just had to get that out of my system.
  2. These are women....I hope? If so, gimme the address and I\'ll be right over with a case of liquor! :D Nothing like sexually uninhibited chicks! Got any pics? lol

    But in all seriousness, me being 25, that seems like a fun place to live. Drinking, smoking, fucking,......FUN FUN FUN!:D

    What do you have against a girl having a good time? Do you have a \"thing\" for one of the guys she fucked?
  3. you missed the point obviously...

  4. exactly!

  5. yeah, it would be fun if everyone involved could take it as what it was...drunk fun, but no...everyone has to break out the high school drama card and not admit that it was just drunk fun...and get mad and not speak to eachother and ahhh! stupid shit!
  6. sometimes its good to get rid of self control, but i\'d rather be permanently stoned than drunk !!!
  7. i hate drinking i would take weed over alcohol anytime, acutally i would take nothing over alcohol thats how much i dislike it, but thats just me
  8. Alcohol is fun once in awhile, especially in combination with weed. A couple of joints + a 6 pack=good times
  9. i cant stop moving my legs. sooo high, just wanted this thread to know that.
  10. What\'s that in the sky?
    A bird?
    A plane?
    No, it\'s alcohol getting shot down by cannabis. :p

    between a nug of hash and a bottle of everclear?
    I\'d take the nug of hash.
  11. Pot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> alcohol.

    But alcohol will have to be my new friend as long as I\'m in danger of getting piss tested for probation.
  12. Alcohol is awesome.

  13. Couldn\'t ov said it ne beta

  14. amen to that!
  15. Alcohol is a good thing, same goes with pot. Pot doesn\'t really do much to ones inhibitions like alcohol does though. People like to be able to do crazy shit and say \"I did it cause I was drunk.\" Most of the time there is nothing wrong with that, as long as no serious laws were broken. Many people are prisoners to their own inhibitions and alcohol is like the dude who drives a truck through the prison wall so you can escape it for a while, but now that his truck is busted you know you won\'t be free for long. hmmm... that is a weird comparison if I may say so myself.
  16. ^
    ... i liked that comparision...

    i like weed, and i like alcohol.. well there, everyones hapy..
  17. alcohol is a toxic drug. there is not much in alcohols favor in my book. lets see what alcohol has given me over the years: hmmm, i got a minor in consuption (MIC), made lots of bad judgment calls, made a fool out of myself on a few occasions, threw up a lot of good meals, drove when i shouldnt have, too many hangovers to count etc. alcohol is a good social drug in moderation: it breaks up the ice and frees inhibitions, but after a while ppl become annoying and sloppy drunks. at one time i never thought i would choose pot over alcohol, but when you look at it the odds are in favor of pot. its cheaper, its not toxic (it\'s a medicine, not a poison), you dont feel like shit the next day, you dont kill people on pot, you dont make bad decisions and loose all inhabitions...i can go on and on.

  18. Cheaper??? Schwag maybe, but nugs cost a good amount more than alcohol.

    A 12 pack is like 7 and change. That will F any one on these boards up more than $7 worth of bud!

    Of course there are those really expensive beers and liquors that are the exception to this.

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