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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by vatoloco, Jan 28, 2003.


do you watch pot-tv?

  1. what the hell is it?

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  2. can't get enough of it!

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  3. don't have the time.

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  4. have too much time.

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  1. http://www.pot-tv.net/

    I was just wondering how many of our blades watch this...my favorite shows are Tommie Morgan and the Marijuana Man Show.
  2. i like all the tv episodes that deal with weed
  3. i dont know what these shows are. when are they on and everything? i have seen episodes where they based it on pot, like the man show. i think i know what you aer talking about.
  4. what the hell is it? is it just episodes on the net like cloud10.org? i think i saw somthing about a weed tv channel in high times.
  5. Go to the link and see for yourself, they've got great info on all the elements surrounding mj. This week Marijauna Man did a show on the benefits of carbon monoxide and oxygen. It was all about growing. Keep in mind that Marc Emery is the owner of pot-tv so you'll hear his name and seed company alot.
  6. looks dope. this comp sux cant watch the episodes. wait till i get my comp fixed :)
  7. See i can't afford cable tv, so i watch alot of pot tv some of the best shows are tommy morgan, marijuana man, weedy wednesday, and of course shake n baked, i highly recommend everyone to check it out!
  8. That's what I'm saying. I'm surprised more blades don't know about pot-tv!
  9. HIGH All, been a reg'ed user there since 99' and have loved it ever since.
  10. what? i have never heard of it? what is it?

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