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  1. I have been growing four church plants in a small grow-box.

    They are growing very well and are just starting to produce the fourth set of branches.

    However, I have noticed very small root growth coming from the bottom of the pot. I am worried about them becoming root-bound. I have been using seaweed extract which is meant to boost root growth but i think it may have worked to well. They are in 1L herb pots at the moment.

    However the weather isn't really that great to be putting them outside yet and I don't want to be moving them from one pot to another then to the ground. (Hermie's :\)

    Does anyone have any ideas? I have heard of soaking the rootball in a seaweed extract solution but im not sure how to do this?



    Also what do people do when transplanting from pot to ground?
  2. just keep them in pots, then put them into the ground asap. they should be fine
  3. Thats kind of what im hoping. I know that it won't be for at least another week though. The little fuckers are growing too fast for me. . . I never thought that would be one of my problems.

    Hopefully I will be able to get some slightly bigger pots and cut the tops down. (height is an issue in my grow box) so they will have a bit more width.

    Fingers crossed for now.

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