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Pot then vs now

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Super Man, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. How much better is the weed now than say the 60's and 70's? Did it look the same? Smell the same? I have always wondered.
  2. Here, it was all hash, or some lost gram of thai/jamaican

    now its all indoor weed

    quality of hash doesnt change, weed does.

  3. How was the weed? Like our mids now?

  4. columbian gold was the super silver haze of the day.
    afghan red was the OG kush.

  5. Bearing in mind it's drier, was pretty much outdoor and most high grade was for hash.
    Those buds will probably still get you high bro.
  6. My dad is about 60 and he said that back in the day he use to get ahold of Thai stick:) he said it was the best!!

  7. Your Dad is absolutely right.
    There was weed as good as today's. It just wasn't as readily available and not every old head got to sample it.

    #20 in the high times page above, was a very heady sativa. You would get visuals. :smoke:

    Edited make that #22.
  8. Weed has been around for thousands of years. We haven't done anything special in the last hundred years that hasn't happened before. Only thing I will say we have improved on is types of lightings and moving to indoors. Otherwise I'm sure we could go back a few hundred years and still find some amazing outdoor bud.
  9. Yeah except the Thai stick he got was dipped in another drug but I can't really go into any detail about it on this forum.
  10. I know the answer. :cool: I refused any dipped. The regular was kick ass in and of itself. My favorite tokes were with a 1 hitter filled with Thia stick and a thin slice of blonde lebonese hash on top. :smoke:

  11. yeah fuck dipped we just didn't know back then
  12. We had one- hitter smoke then too! I grew up smoking mostly good Colombian weed (Gold, Red, etc..) seedy as a motherfucker, but the high was great!! We didn't worry about seedy pot! LOL! we just picked them out and smoked it up!
  13. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and party with my dad just to try all the different strains he got! Lol probably sounds dumb af though

  14. the blonde lebonese sounds amazing!
    From the Show Trailer Park Boys To:cool:

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