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pot snobs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HerbalHarmony, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? I have friends who feel that unless bud is bright green and crystally it is not worth smoking. Now I'm of the opinion that if it gets you high then why not smoke it. Don't get me wrong, I love good herb just as much as the next person but on a tight budget you have to make some sacrifices right. I mean if I have the choice of paying $35- $50 for an 1/8th or paying the same amount for twice to four times that amount I'll go for the cheaper stuff. Now if money allows it I'd get the good stuff. Anyway just wanted to vent a bit. Any opinions?

    peace, love, and ganja!
  2. Hell yeah, some people are just stupid, havn't they heard the saying don't judge a book by it's cover. i'm for smoking weed no matter what it looks like. As long long as it gets me high, it could be pink and blue for all I care.
  3. I like smoking joints with friends... Big (well not Cheech&Chong big!) joints that will fill up four pair of lungs six or ten times. I've smoked some hydro and some other excellent bud that will get me buzzed in just a couple hits out of a one hitter but I'd rather have some more run-of-the-mill bud than some crazy-ass glow-in-the-dark nuclear bud.

    Of course, if it's the same price I'll take the best bud I can get but the bud I normally get will get you messed up with just a couple or more hits. Why complain?
  4. Typically, whenever possible, I'll have a bag of lower-quality stuff and a "personal stash". The personal stash is generally a much smaller bag, due to the price... but I've found that the good stuff lasts longer that way. You can roll out of the lower-grade stuff and friends can even match you on that.

    Then when the time calls, you load up a bongload of the better stuff... typically when alone or with a very close friend who you know appreciates what you're doing.

    It may seem selfish, hell it may be selfish... but it's a lot of money to waste on people who may not appreciate what you're doing for them.
  5. Sometimes I have to laugh.

    Right in some people's faces.

    Been burning for 25 yrs.
    I love to feel the burn.
    Yeah, baby! I'm your hunk-a-hunk burnin' love!

    (Elvis's birthday last Tuesday. I hope you all took appropriate measures.)

    Why did I come here?

    Oh yeah.

    A "kid" I work with, (if a kid is 22 yrs old,) came by with some purple buds. I'm kinda backwoods in my terminology so I ain't sure what strain it was. He used a name I have'nt heard before, and I 've learned many since I started hanging round boards like this one. Anyway, he wants $100 for a 1/4 oz.

    So I sez, "Sheeeeit! I gotta have a sample before I'm gonna shell out that much!"

    So he sez, "Lookit that shit! It's friggin PURPLE!"

    So I sez, "I gotta St. Louis Rams parka! But that don't make me Kurt Warner!"

    After much discussion I got him to leave me e'nuff to get about 3 hits off the bat. That night when all the stuff was done I got it out and got 3 BIG hits off of it.

    My regular connect has been settin me with OZ's for $80. Basically commercial brown. Does the job quite nicely. Always weighs good. 3 hits is about all I need.

    This purple shit did'nt do nothing!

    Pretty to look at, but nothing on the inside. (I could go off on a woman analogy here, but I won't 'cause I don't wanna start no trouble!:))

    One other time some designer stuff found it's way to me. It was powerfully narcotic! But 1 hit and I laid in the floor and slobbered for the next hour! Could'nt hardly function!

    It's got to do the job. But the price has got to be reasonable.

    Oh yeah.

    The kid got his face laughed in the next day.

    Then he admitted he had got drunk and bought it at a bar and realized he got took.

    Note to other 22 year olds:

    Don't try to sell crap to the old hippees.

    Sell it to the 16 year olds!


    I've done it now.

    I knew if I kept on long e'nuff I would provoke someone!

    OK kids.

    Flame me.

    Just not too hard.

    I do have a sensitive side.

    I'm sitting on it right now.

    Y'all have a good evening.
  6. Your lucky it's past my bed time, or I would have to ream your ass!

    Just remember, 16 year olds have feelings too, and it was probably really hard for them to scam the money off of their parents to buy that weed, so it's pretty harsh to try and scam them.

  7. To be more accurate, it was the late King's 67th birthday!

    And from one fried old fucker to another, you are pretty funny when you are stoned off your ass!
  8. I'm 18 and I pretty much have only smoked expensive to very expensive stuff, being as my brother grows and buys it. He had Blueberry flavored weed at one time, among about 20 different types of buds as his "stash" and a huge amount of nice green buds he grew. I get it for free and have become used to the stuff. I hate cheap, brown weed. Not that it's less powerful, but it's less healthy. Fresh, newly-grown stuff is way better than crap grown 2 months ago and smashed together then sent here from Mexico...
  9. If it gets ya ripped, it's all good.

    We're lucky and we get bomb all the time, but I wouldn't turn down semi-decent weed as long as it got ya high. We actually bought a couple low-grade sacks from the club once, just to try it out and it got us ripped!! Sure is harsh on the lungs though, I bet I could get used to it again!
    We don't give a shit~
    People who get picky about the weed they smoke, oh well. What can I say, to each their own~ :)

  10. Well Fuck You you son-of -bitch!!!

    Where do you get off telling us young people what we can do and can't.!!!!!Just cause your all bald headed and gray bearded and been smoking with the cavemen and dinosaurs and stuff don't give you no right to put us young people down>>.....
  11. uhhhhh, where the hell was i? oh, i guess i could be considered SOMEHWHAT of a pot snob. on the other hand i could be considered a pot slut (of the male variety). i crave the shit that wrecks yer gourd with two full lungs but i still smoke the shit outta the stuff ya gotta be steady tokin to keep it goin. all-be-it i still have my pride. don't come 'round here peddlin that pseudo-bud that on it's best day MIGHT give ya an eyelash buzz after sukin down 8-10 blunts of the shit. i'm prolly a pretty fair representation of the average white dude that's been dating Mary for the last 23 years. (way over half my time on this fine planet of ours)

    been lurkin round here fer a week er two. learned more about what i been smokin in that time than all the years i been baked.

    rock onnnnn folks
  12. I just take what I can get and I am apprehensive of paying over the odds for some weed that I have never tried before! I agree with the "as long as it gets you high" theory! I would rather have more weed of a slightly lesser strength as it (seems to) last longer!

    Oh and as from last year I have promised myself not to buy solids or soap or whatever you want to call it (but I dont think thats snobbery, just sensible) mainly 'cos you never know what shit is mixed with!
  13. i cant believe that you have to pay $30-$50 dollars on an 1/8. here i can get an ounce for $100,1/4 for $25. and the its GOOD STUFF! but ido think if you love gettin high you would smoke anything that gets you high.
  14. Hmm... am I a pot snob? I'm pondering...

    I guess I could be called that in some instances, I have a good tolerance and like a good head. So to me I have two options, get a lot of shwag and spend a long day tokin (not saying it's a bad thing always but sometimes I don't have the time, lol) to get the head I like... or get some quality shit and smoke casually... and truly enjoy it, not worry about how much I have left and how much I'll need to get me where I like to be.

    But at the same time, if I dind't have enough money on hand to ensure that I'll always have some good herb I might not enjoy tokin the good shit... always havin to worry about bottoming out my bowl... *grins* Nah... I'd still rather have some quality shit.

    Do I turn down weed? No, not often... I don't particularly like brick bud, and haven't had to touch it for quite some time thank The Goddess and at the moment I'd rather supply the party so I can have my good shit and take a little loss than have to squaler. But hey! At least I share the wealth. lol.

    Tokin should be enjoyed in all facets... not just how high, how fast, how long... you should savour and enjoy the whole experience. But I like a taste other than fert and dirt mouth that most shwag out there gives ya, the nose on a bud is important to me... but I know that smell can definetely be deceiving.

    But honestly who doesn't like a crystal coated, resin drippin', grass-green bud in front of them, eh? When it comes down to someone offering me some bud, am I gonna disrespect them by bashin their bud? Hell no... I'm not a bitch.
  15. pretty pot is okay... but if the fucking buzz aint there... who the fuck cares... learned my lesson in mens corrections... smoked some of the best and it was just leaf... I have smoked some god awful pretty pot... delicious and all that shit... but it aint dropped me like that fucking leaf did
  16. a few weeks ago My friend picked up this fluffy light green leafy stuff... It got me so baked I couldnt belive it. dose that sound like the same stuff you had?
  17. I usually smoke the good shit. Not as a preference, it's just what happens to be running around my rich snobby town (Rochester, MI). But when I'm hanging out in Pontiac and the ghetto weed comes in, 6-7 of us all smoke a joint and get plenty ripped off of it. Maybe it's because we're in the ghetto. Setting has a lot to do with your high.
  18. I guess if that's what you're calling it, I would have to be a pot snob. I don't like schwagg, of any form. I only smoke the best grass. That's what I'm used to. If someone offers me something that looks questionable to me, I would just rather not smoke it.
  19. I usually smoke upper quality pot (dank) because I like the high it gives me. It is definately different than lower quality (schwag) to me. Dank gets me a nice unconfused mellow high while schwag makes me slighty retarded and tired. This is my own reaction, and I'm sure it's different for every person.
    As for the $ it costs to smoke the best, it really does hurt your wallet in the long run, though I prefer smoking a little bit of dank a day than alot of schwag.
    My 1.5cents..

  20. im 18 years old and no 22 year old can sell me any fake shit.
    i know alot about weed. learn alot from my uncle.......thats grows............i love having family thats grows.

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