Pot Snobs and Immaturity

Discussion in 'General' started by theVirtuoso, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I just have to rant... All of you pot snobs (people who only smoke the best weed and wont even touch anything else) or all of you people who are always saying how good your prices are in peoples threads... trying to showcase yourself or something...

    Not one of you deserves to smoked the beautiful herb... youve lost touch with what really matters...

    the pot snobs remind me of all the rich sniff coke kids... and all the people w/ the prices just reminds me of damn middle-schoolers... always trying to outdo the other person... grow up!

    Cannabis is a damn great thing to have... It has helped all of us through hard times, and made the best times even better... For many of us it has shaped us into better, more knowledgable, and respectable people... why dont you follow suit? The last thing potheads need are people like you that portray that image to everyone else... and to fellow smokers.

    Don't you understand, though? No one thinks your cool... in fact it makes you look like an asshole... like someone no one would want to be friends with, or even talk to because that arrogance just radiates off of you...

    If you REALLY have to actually type that... how about type it, and before you press submit, just exit your internet browser and save us all some time reading that waste of space on our monitors...


    Basically: Stop taking the wonderful herb for granted!
  2. hah,i know what this is in response to:hello:

    i completely agree.
  3. :hello: :hello: :hello:

    3 cheers for theVirtuoso, for he speaks the truth.
  4. Pot? sorry i don't smake seramics.
  5. Well, the sarcasm is obvious, but invalid seein as I stated exactly what a "pot snob" was. And why so apathetic towards what happening... don't you see it?
  6. theres nothing wrong with discriminating against what pot you smoke, i do it all the time. id rather smoke any other bud than mids, and if thats all i can get, ill settle, but i wont winge about it. smokers should always ask for the best weed, and growers and dealers shoudl provide it. shwagg opens the market for higher priced weed, because its so bad, people will pay a lot for anything thats deemed better.

    but yes, people who are snobs abotu it and look down on others purchases because they might not have bought it or at the same price are just thorns in the side of the community. i dont need to repeat what you said, you already said enough.
  7. I don't take dank for granted. I thank god every day that I get smoke some of the best weed in the world, and that it's easily accesable.

  8. i'm not trying toflame you or anything in what im about to respond but,i'm sorry but some people don't have the money to be blowing away on weed. some people would ask for the best but the best isent cheap. catch my drift?
  9. I agree with the OP halfway. There is nothing wrong with only smoking dank, getting cheap prices, and using nice smoking utensils. Lets face it, smoking high quality weed that you got for cheap out of a nice piece is more enjoyable than smoking schwagg that you overpaid for out of a soda can. What is wrong is when people are dick heads about it. If someone asks what is the best go ahead and tell them that dank is the best. If someone doesnt ask then you shouldnt post in their thread about your supposed marijuana related superiority. It is all about the context in which you say what you say. Hating on people for having good stuff or bad stuff is lame. Lets all just agree to hate on the haters.
  10. I see nothing wrong with being a 'pot snob.'

    Asking one to smoke mids is akin to asking a vintner to drink screw top wine.

    There is nothing wrong with being discriminating about what you smoke.
  11. I think theVirtuoso's point (or at least my opinion anyway) is that no matter how discriminating you are on what kind of weed you smoke, you shouldn't look down on others for either not wanting or not having access to the same quality herb.
  12. exactly.

  13. oh i understand, and thats perfectly fine, i mean, after all, i cant always afford the best weed, but most of the time, i can afford decent bud if i pick up in small amounts, and limit myself from smoking massive bong loads all day every day.

    i definately have had to resort to mids during periods of low or no cash. beginning of the summer, all i had enough for was mids, and after buying a 40 sack and making it last til i had more money, i was able to re-up on some dank.

    IMO, if you want to smoke, your gonna smoke what you think is adequate. same way people who wanna get drunk fasst and cheap drink cheap beer, is the same way that people who want to enjoy herb but cant budget in the dank can enjoy mids. ultimately, good weed should cost as much as mids does, and if every big grower was growing decent bud, not mids, prices would be lower and there would be plenty of it, but thats just how it goes.

    i just choose to pick up a gram of dank over an eigth or even a 1/4 of mids. now to some that may be crazy, but since i look for the other qualities herb has, as well as its intoxicating effects, its worth it to me, and i dont think less of anyone for smoking mids. i have 5 grams of mids right now, just couldnt get any dank so i settled for some midies. 3 dollars a gram aint bad for a on the fly last minute sack.
  14. I really hope you're not freaking out because I said in the other thread get a little less haze for the same price while that was all the dude had. I don't give a fuck what people smoke. I can get my good bud and I don't see a reason to get shittier bud when the cream of the crop is in front of you. If someone passed me a reg blunt I would never complain about smoking. To each is own though and if you like quantity then thats all you.
  15. I think a lot of you missed the point... im not saying dont smoke dank... by all means go ahead, I love it too... but don't ever look down on someone because they have lower quality weed or pay higher prices...

    and vicious, it wasn't you, there was someone else in the thread... but Im saying this to everyone basically.... as broad statement.
  16. I think you missed the point, I wasn't serious.

  17. yah you get it. atleast you were cool about it i thought you might start debating hah to each his own and you know exactly how it is.
  18. lol i may be a little bit of a cynic, but i wasnt gonna debate you, you said what i was saying, i jsut forgot to add the part about money, i figured most people assumed that money problems > weed. if i dont have cash, i dont smoke. if im low, mids it is.
  19. lol. i remember around winter time. it was a dry week for me. and my friend got snitched on...she was gonna flush it. but instead she called me and i got it. she gave me a free oz. man! it was ditch dirt weed though. but i didn't care. it took alot to get a descent buzz....but that wasn't the point. you take what you can get. i wans't complaining
  20. you definately are stereotyping and generalizing and thats just as fucked up as what some of the people you are talking about do.. yeah there are alot of people who only smoke dank and bust on other people for getting anything less or paying more for it.. and yeah i agree those people can hit the x on their browsers.. but you didnt even classify them out of the group, you basically directed it at everyone who smokes good weed and only good weed and nothing else(along with another category which bashes people on pick up prices)
    well fuckign excuse me man i smoke only dank, all the time.. i havent touched anything even resembling mids in at least a year or two, and i barely even touch beasters..

    i dont care who smokes mids or even shwag.. alot of my friends thats all they smoke and i don't look down on them for it at all, because i used to do it too, hey if you just want to get high you just want to get high
    but because i like a more pure clean crisp and powerful high and dont liek the feeling of being burnt out and tired that means i DONT deserve to smoke?
    who are you to put down people like me just because i appreciate quality and have regulation over what i choose to consume.
    do you wait in aisles at the grocery store and flip out when someone grabs skippy peanut butter instead of the generic saying YOU DONT DESERVE TO EAT!!

    its standards man i just dont liek the type of high lower grade gives me and thats that.. some people dont liek shitty peanut butter

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