"Pot Smokers Unite Against Kellogg"

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    The live Good Day L.A. news program did this story at around 7:45 AM this morning. The ancors mentioned the SNL skit, myspace groups devoted to the cause, and "other cannabis communities". The T.V. news story was a lot different than the article above but they gave weed no bad publicity, just made us look almost like a political party. It seems like everyday now there is some kind of news on T.V. or in the newspaper related to cannabis.
  2. Oh no look another famous, smart, athletic, attractive person going to hell for smoking pot.
    entire world score 0
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    yay for us

    I kinda feel bad for Kellogg im sure they would stay with him if the darn general public would just accept it
  3. As much as I'd like to, Kellog's products just taste too damn fucking good to boycott. How in the fuck could I give up pop tarts, eggos, and Frosted Flakes? Fuck that shit GIMME MAH EGGOS!
  4. I heard about that sponsorship deal with Kellog, but did you know he was offered another sponsorship deal, with a cigar company, for 25K to smoke their brand of cigars. One door closes another one opens

  5. it's all about the cap'n crunch, crunch berries. That's where the stoner cereal is at. Screw kellogs, it's all about the Quaker Oats company now
  6. Ewww. No, Quaker sucks.
  7. I never eat anything from Kellogg's anyway since it's so fucking expensive. I mean, the rip off brands have the same product at a tenth of the price. So why even buy Kellogg's in the first place ?

    And now this...well it doesn't help their appeal.
  8. idiot...

    and i doubt phelps would take up a cigar deal, thats only going to make his rep go to more shit.
  9. if pot heads boycotted kelloggs they would lose 90% of their income. Who the hell eats pop tarts other than stoners?
  10. We made it all the way to the fucking Associated Press!


    Congrats everyone! This has gone farther than any of us could have imagined. And I don't think this is the culmination either; I have a feeling that this will get much, much bigger.

  11. I don't think the mods respect name calling, and its against the rules. I'm not an idiot. You do not know me, and I do not know you. Do not disrespect me, and I will not disrespect you. -rep


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