Pot smokers just as healthy: study

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  1. Mary Vallis
    National Post, with files from Reuters
    Frequent marijuana users devour up to 40% more calories than their peers but are no more likely be be fat, a new study suggests.

    Americans aged 20 to 59 who smoked marijuana at least once a month indulged in more beer, liquor, potato chips, cheese and pork than non-users, researchers report in the journal Public Health Nutrition today.

    The marijuana smokers also ate fewer fresh fruits or vegetables and smoked nearly three times as many tobacco cigarettes as non-users. But the study found their habits were not a detriment to their nutritional health.

    The marijuana users showed normal levels of vitamins and minerals in spite of their vices, and slightly lower body mass indexes than their peers. (Body mass index compares a person's weight to their height to gauge obesity).

    "That is the surprising finding," said Dr. Ellen Smit, lead author of the study and a professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo.

    One explanation is that smoking marijuana is thought to increase a person's metabolic rate.
  2. I don't believe the results of this study. :confused:

    I don't believe that marijuana increases metabolism, BUT I suppose it's possible. If that were true, then wouldn't it stand to reason that the person would also be metabolizing the vitamins faster too? In that case it would be impossible for there to be no decrease in the vitamin levels.

    I just can't get myself to believe that marijuana smoking is the next great health craze.

    Somebody once told me that marijuana smoking was beneficial to your lungs. That it broke up the "shit" in there and opened up your lungs. I thought the entire statement was bullshit for the longest time. But I have heard some convincing evidence that marijuana is a bronchodilator. So I suppose it could be an expectorant as well. Still not so sure those benefits outweigh the drawbacks enough to call it healthy.

    (HEY! I have asthma. So I suppose I'm using it medicinally as well. Imagine the rolling laughter from the officers?)

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