Pot Smoker's Fall Victim To Internet Hoax

Discussion in 'General' started by Sooner, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. weird, no word of the hoax every hit the city. haha, a bunch of suckers smoked paper!
  2. that drawing is killer
  3. yea, id be pissed too if there was all this wind blowin when i be tryin to light a blunt
  4. Well fuck... it fooled me!
  5. hahahahahaha

    hey guys i got some inside info that says
    if we smoke the stuffing out of the couch

    we can get high!!!!
  6. Damn that article was disturbing. Too bad so many falled for it. :(
  7. I dunno, I tend to be overly skeptic (or perhaps paranoid) but this seems like bullshit to me. It just seems like the kind of thing I would've heard about, before now I mean. Seems like a bit of satire (propaganda even) written by someone for a laugh. Stoners are an easy target, from your average person's point of view we're at least a bit 'slower' than most people because of our weak will and contsant drug use (these are not my thoughts, just the general standpoint most people take who've never tried marijuana). Who else would fall for something so silly? A dumb stoner kid that wants another hit, even if it's from a magazine.
    Just another piece of crap designed to make us look like a bunch of idiots.
  8. Damn if only...

  9. one day they will all be dead and we will rule the world!
  10. lol, that is a funny article and as others on this post, I am hillarified. Btw, that is an excellent drawing
  11. Sounds more like user stupidity than an internet 'hoax'.....................

    smoking a magazine page to get high because it is made out of "HEMP" fibers...........................really !

    Just plain stupid.



    BUDdy STONER!!

  13. LOL. i have that issue actually! it's so hilarious, because on one of the pages it says something along the lines of: "even though you may want to, don't smoke these pages" LMAO

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