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  1. About to start growing again..wwell because my recent grow got taken away..well I had them in solo cups and I did this last yr. And I jus trasnfere to a bigger pot..I was askin is it cool if I jus start in on big pot or 10 gal bucks. Instead of starting small?...also I'm thinkin about buyin me a green house I found a pretty decent size one for a good price ....ne comments. Tips suggestions r welcome
  2. i think it works better in the long run to transplant them in the ending size pot as soon as you can. I always try and go from my starter 'solo' cups straight to my 5 gallon or 4 gallon buckets. It allows the root to do their thing without being disturbed. I would say the only draw back is your soil loses all of its nutrients and if you transplanted several times you get a new mix. This just means you need to add nuts and watch everything carefully...
  3. Its ideal to start out in the pot you plan to harvest in. Doesn't always work out though for various reasons. Try to remember the rule of thumb....one gallon of pot size for each foot of plant height.
  4. I'm getting a visual of cantharis's Kiwi 2 Pounder in the 65 gallon Smart Pot:D
  5. You beat me to it.
  6. So all these people for years saying that it's best to move up in pot sizes as the roots fill the containers...... that's wrong now?
  7. Cool ppreciate the tips...so what do u mean by nuts? ...sry bro I'm new to this..
    Also I've been lookin around and I found a green house pretty decent size and price...wanted to know if ne body has grown or try to grown in one..does it make em grow bigger...the real reason I'm gettin so basically no one can see em...
  8. Bigger the pot, bigger the plant.
  9. Yeah, agreed. But we're talking about whether starting it out in the big pot is the best way, or moving up from smaller pots.
  10. 1 month in small pot or big cup is good so you can handle the pot (add dirt, stealth etc...). Then yes place asap in biiger pot or hole once the plant is strong enough to be left on its own in the final spot (after 4 sets of leaves about). If this is in a yard, then direct in big pot or hole is fine, not better but just the same as long as it's not root bound in the small container.
  11. I have always found that whatever the size or aspect ratio of the container the roots will fill it. And I always go to the largest size soonest.
  12. You started your latest grow in about 3 or 4 litre containers, right Cantharis?
    The reason I'm concerned is that while yours seem to be leaping up, mine are robust and green, but are only growing UP quite moderately. I'm just hoping they're growing roots madly, you see?
  13. Do you have good air (perlite or lava chips) in the soil mix Cardinal? That could be why. That or you're not getting as much sun as Cantharis (10?). 6 hours direct sunlight works well (what I have now).
  14. Right after i read what he said about 1 gallon per one foot, all i could think of was cantharis' kiwi 2 pounder.
  15. And the huge pots over at Cantharis'.:eek:
  16. I think you´re right about the soil Corto. Its what I would call "pretty good" air. I used builder´s sand. It would have been A LOT of perlite.
    I don´t know about Cantharis´ direct sunlight hours, but mine are in excess of ten per day. That´s pretty good, I don´t think it´s the sun.
    Like I said, other than some grasshopper damage (he´s huge) they look so healthy and amazing. Really tight internodes, dark green colour, and such thick stalks! Maybe because the medium is only good and not great, they need a little time to grow enough big roots in it to get growing rapidly up.
    Is this hijacking a thread? Sorry if it is.
  17. See today´s latest pic in my grow journal.

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