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pot size?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gowanz, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. hey GC i was wondering what size pots my plants should be in before i start flowering the pots theyre in are 1.5gallon is this to small?:confused:
  2. I'm a hydro grower myself but my buddie has a rule of thumb. One gallon for every month of growth.
  3. you could get away with a 3gal, that would be your best bet, 5 gal bucket with holes drilled in it for best result's but in 8 wek's it will not root bound a 5 gal i say a 3 gal is your best bet..
  4. Or 1 gallon for every foot of growth.

    I use 5 gal buckets, one plant is even in a 7 gal bucket. The idea is to not get your plants root bound so if you see little white roots sticking out of your drainage holes, transplant.
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    that's the idea but can be's an idea... your right on by saying more root growth = more growth in the end...but...
    depend's on a lot of factor's really..
    i grow in smaller pot's and get oz's off stuff in 1.5 gal pot's after switching to flower..they are only 6-7" tall to start but rooting in those container's well..there about 2.5 feet tall now and fairly bushy..
    i can pack way more 1.5-2 gal even 3 gal in a space than a 5 gal bucket or bigger for sure... it's better to grow a lot more plant's in a smaller area..this has been proven over and over...your yeild from one plant is not going to increase what a whole extra plant will produce...
    1.5 gal to a 5 gal will never be rootbound at way in hell..good root system yes ...but rootbound? no..
    a lot of folk's mis understand rootbound as well..
    when root's are trying to escape out the bottom of the pot and you could grab the stalk, and lift the whole thing out of a pot and it is solid white with root's, then it is rootbound...the root's escaping is the sure sign that they have no more room to grow in a particular container... hense "rootbound"
    all because root's reach the bottom of a container and it look's like a lot to you does not count for being rootbound...they still have lot's of room in the container to take hold at this point...
    i grow qp's and well over ...with many plant's in smaller container's than larger ones packed into a very tight area of about 4x4' wich takes up only one corner of my flower
    plus! keep in mind the more soil you have the more water, nutes and flushing you have to go through...not to mention cost of indoor's...growing healthy plant's in the smallest possible container's is the most efficient way of growing with soil grow's..

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