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  1. i'm using 2 gallon pot right now and my first harvest was 5/8oz seedless green buds off of one plant??? is, if i switch to 5 gallon pot would my harvest increase enough to matter ,,,,, the 5 gallon pots would take up more room than the 2 gallon pots so there will be less plants in the room to harvest bud from or bigger pot less plants but would they yeild more ????? being in bigger pot is it worth it ?
  2. what was the harvest amount?
  3. a smaller pot will increase the cycle per watering therfore increasing the o2 intake at the roots. To make an extreme point if you do a soilless grow using peralite/vermaculite the media drys out in a day and then you put new ferts in. Its almost hydro. Bigger pots can hepls just as much as smaller depending on the application. the best pot upgrade is to use a 5 gal bucket and make a bubbler :). Im utdoor so for now its just filled wit soil but i drilled holes in the sides to increase o2 to the roots and cut off the bottom because the plants are 6' and bushey.

  4. that is hydro.
  5. yes but my point is soil can be dam close to hydro if you use good soil with allot of fillers. And a larger pot will take longer to dry out.
  6. 5/8oz off one plant, flowered for 8 weeks under 400 watt mh agrosun i know that is is not alot but it is my first one hoping for better in the future,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. also im trying my hand at hydro with a bubbler bucket with 6" net pot and hydrotron with bc grow ,,,,didn't have to money for bc boost so i will get that in a couple weeks ,,guy said this sould work ,,,i have dual output air pump and two 6" air stones and one 12" air stone if it work i will slowly switch over to all hydro setup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. How big is the plant now? transplaing from soil to hydro with big plants can be done, just bring the water level way up on the bullber.

  9. that light and 1 of them buckets wud easy give a 8 oz plant in fair hands.

    iv just helped some1 chop 1 plant in a bubbler under a 600w HPS and its looking like hes gonna get 12 to 14 oz off it. he had 8.5 oz off the last 1 and that was hes 1st grow.

  10. if u plant a plant in just soil and grow it in that 4 a long time (eg a house plant) then sooner or later the plant will have used all the nutes in the soil. from that point on the only nutes a plant gets is from the feed in the water (hydropoinicly) so even tho the stratra used is soil the plant is still being grown hydropoinicly.

    all hydropoinics means is fed by water, in a true "soil" grow no nutes wud b added by water (eg just rain water like in nature) and the plant wud get all its feed from the soil. anything else is a mix of soil and hydro.
  11. good point! well if you think about it any oudoor plants growing is hydro its just the forrest floor acts like a compost and when it rains the water turns to tea on the way down.

    About your friend with the 600w what techs is he using besides bubbler? Any training sog scrog fim ect? This is a 3x4' 600w bubbler system i dreamed up a while ago and will build once i get a house. All the plants wil be Low Sress Trained. It wil take up a bit of veg compred to sog but it will make up in sick yeilds and i wont get stuck training for the whole grow just the very begining.
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  13. when it got to 11 nodes we cut the top and all the fan leaves off. the side shoots went nutz and he had 20 tops. then we tyed them down and the nodes on the branchs went nutz and blam it got about 80 tops! it ended up about 4 foot wide and 5 foot tall. he let it grow 4 way to long, it was drinkin so much water it was needin to b topped up twice a day. the root mass had filled the bucket so bad we just cut the air line and threw the air stones and net pot away with the roots.

    i think he wud of got a better yeald with 4 plants and putting then into flower a lot sooner. the only reason we done it this way was cus we was bord and only 1 of his clones lived.
  14. Thats a nuts indoor plant! how long was the veg on that sucker? At least 2-3 months rigt? 4 plants would do allot better.
  15. about the end of may begining of june he took the cuttings, flowerd for 7 weeks, dunno how long that makes it.
  16. well well well stuff is looking better now that i under stand somethings better now 2nd harvest looks like 1 1/4 ozs off of one plant ,,,,,stopped buy and talked to the hydro man told him i was having a problem with my grow ,,,,,he soon reliezed that i was using a metal halide for growing and he told me that high pressure sodium lights the fert are more touchy with them verses a metal halide ,,,,he said to use 20-30% more ferts than it calls for and it sould get better ,,,,so far my stems a getting thick and green and the buds seem to be gaining some too ,,,,,,next thing i do will be to buy 5 gallon pots ,,,,if it is working this good in 1 and 2 gallon pots just think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck to all and grow dont buy bg man
  17. let me make sure i got this right, the man told you to increase your nute feeding to make up for not having an hps to flower with? do i have that right? ive never heard that being a way to make up for a loss of a light spectrum. can you elaborate?
  18. i have a metal halide agrosun bulb that is made just for flowering he said that hps you can overfeed you grow ,,,but metal halides aren't so touchy so you can feed them more without burning them up ,,they still will burn ,he said to overfeed fert by 20-30% and when flowering don't drop the n as much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the metal halide is the right specturm with the right bulb ,,,,the agrosun bulb is the most popularl bulb sold in the states ,,,do you understand what im trying to say??? if i had an hps i would be using it but i dont i have 2 400 mhs ,hps pulls the fert better than a mh so to get the same end product you have to feed them more, and he made sure to tell me not to drop the n, the guy owns a hydroponics shop, and know something or he wouldn't still be in the buisz you know what i mean , this will not be a problem much longer as i have made up my mind and will be buying a 1000 watt hps from insidesun in a couple months just trying to get the best that i can get with what i got ,,,,,,ps. the metal halides didn't cost me one red cent thats why i have them. good luck hope you understand

  19. were you all talking about the same thing? meaning mj? so, if i had a mh i would overfert? is this meaning the hps forces the plant to uptake nutes faster? or is that vice versa? sorry :)
  20. thats what i was told ,since i have noticed a postive affect on the growth of most of them , alot thicker and bright green , the plants really look alot better my first plant had 5/8oz and the second one had 1 1/4 oz same amount of budding just used alittle more ferts he also said to flush ever two to three weeks so to keep the ph in the soil ok,,,mh doesnt force them as much as an hps

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