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  1. Questions about pot size. Indoors what size pot is good for say 4 weeks or 8 weeks veg time before flowering in the same final container? I appreciate experience only or mainly unless it's an intelligent answer. Thank you
  2. I grow two plants at a time.
    I like to be able to move my pots around.
    I find that five gallon pots suit me well.
    The plants do well.

    (I hope that 'cuts the mustard')
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  3. I'm looking at 2 or 3 as my closet is only 18 inches wide and 42 long. I have over 7 feet height though. Thanks for your reply

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  4. Pot size depends a lot on the medium you use. Soil is usually 5 - 7 gallons - coco can be as small as 2 gallons.
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  5. Using soil I've ran autos in 3 gallon pot size no problem , and i use 5 gallon pot size for photoperiods with 8 weeks veg no problenms. With your size closet i would only run 2 plants in either 3 or 5 gallons will work.
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  6. I have 2:1: .25
    Must roots grow thin and bushy. I had two 2' sunflowers in a single 1 gallon pot. No roots were at the bottom or circling the pot. These plants were thriving. Much more space for them to continue to grow.
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  7. I would do one plant in that area and scrog it. I would work up to a ~10g pot size, maybe 7, 5 at least.
    something like this
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  8. That's what I was thinking and thanks for your reply
  9. I'm thinking 5 gallon since either way I will have 2 maybe 3 but probably 2
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  10. That's fuckin awesome
  11. How long you veg this plant?
  12. from seed, prob about 6 or 7 weeks, maybe 8 can't remember, was last year. My point of showing u is for you to be aware what you can do. I suppose you could do that with two plants in a 2x2' scrog ... faster ;)
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  13. 8 weeks is not enough for such a plant, depending on which variety, I personally adore ak47, a white widow, I usually plant them together first, and after 6 weeks I plant them, because the growth is uneven, and I use plastic plant pots, good pots, and They look cool, the varieties are very different and the properties are also different, although what I bought in the store is very different from my AK47, so I don’t take it from dealers anymore, I grow it myself, pots https://getpotted.com/planters/plastic/, by the way very high quality, I use it many times already.

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