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    I've been using this 20 liter pot (left) for a final transplant for a little while now. I was at the shop and noticed a larger pot (right) and purchased it. I know that a larger pot will give you a bigger yield. What about a pot that holds more soil but is 3-4 inches shorter? What size pots do you use? This is pretty much a 'which one's better' thread. Many thanks.


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  2. you want height not girth lol
  3. Roots grow vertical deep pots are better
  4. Thanks for the responses.
    The guys at the shop better give me some in store credit for this flower pot they sold me. 
  5. It's not a bad pot don't get me wrong but if u want a bigger yield and don't mind a taller plant I'd go with the deeper one
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    Flip the pot over....there will be a number, that number= gallons. Is it more or less then the bucket gallons will answer your question.

    As per depth vs width equaling more yield....whole bunch of new growers who think they know everything and are talking out their ass to sound smart.
  8. I don't think that's true sorry it's gravity gravity pulls down and that's a fact. It's been said by many good growers and famous growers and in many books u just seem like a negative holier than thou prick honestly
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    You want larger volume. Given the same volume I see no real difference in one over the other. If your plant is healthy it will encompass the entire pot with roots regardless of the height vs width ratio. Check out some of the outdoor guys that are using 100g or larger pots. They are much wider than they are tall and I've seen them pull 5+ lbs per plant easily.

    I use both of these, each 5g or about 22l, and get similar results from both. IMG_20130715_220836.jpg
  10. @ the OP. I told you how to find the volume of your new pot so you can be sure if it is bigger or not.

    I don't use noob for new growers...only the ones spouting shit.

    @ alphanumrec guy,

    Holier then thou pricked or not....at least ive grown in enough different size pots over the last decade to know what I'm talking about. Volume of root space is volume of root space...down or side ways.

    Roots will grow as far as they can, go have a look at any DWC. Whether it is a 15 gallon square tote or a 5 gallon bucket.......the roots fill it up.

    THE ONLY RULE about what size pot grows bigger yields is .....more gallons/liters = more roots & more roots = more buds.
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    U want your roots to stretch that's why I say and use deeper pots. U throw this noob shit around like ur a fuckin champ. The reason I'm a noobs a I was to busy bustin my ass in Afghanistan and Iraq why u bein a bitch so sorry I got a late start in growing
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    Sorry about the flames in ur thread bro
  13. Fine....ive removed the word noob

    Is the post now "PC" enough for your sensitivities?
  14. The word I don't care about, it's ur attitude to people coming into the culture and the community that's why I said u act holier than thou, congrats u can grow better pot that's a real life accomplishment isn't it?
  15. wow the hostility, lol, bigger pot means more roots means more buds.
  16. I am going to have to agree with this guy. You don't want taller plants you want wider. The wider the plants the more top colas it will. Produce. I use 200 gal smart pots that are 20 in tall and over 8 ft wide. My plants sill get over 10 ft tall out of a pot that is only 20 in tall. Oh by the way my plants are over 14 ft across now with more top colas then you would belive.
    Same concept indoors. I use a use 6x6 grow tray that is only 12 in deep. The wider the better.
  17. I went with the shorter fatter one. It holds much more soil.
    Thanks for all the responses.
  18. Wont a five gallon bucket give decent results if prepped correctly?
    That is if your not trying to grow super huge plants.

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