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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pothead Pete, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. I have a small problem. I have a nice 4 foot Jack Frost clone that has been flowering now for 2 wks. She has 3 large stems to her . I think she is rootbound as is my other White Russian female which is just a tad smaller. I have them in 2 litre(half gallon) pop bottles. Can I transplant without killing them, or should I just let them go the way they are. I have heard they should be in at least 3 gallon pots. If I continue to water 2 to 3 times a day won't I get the same amount as the bigger pots, without jeopordizing their lives. HELP ME!!!!!
  2. I would say transplant them into bigger pots... but yout already flowering them. if i were you take some clones of them to save the genetics and in case if tehy do die. transplant 2 of them into biggre pots asap if they live then transplant teh other two. If they dont take well to being transplanted just leave thre other two in the 2 liter bottles. They will still yeild but not alot, at lest if you take clones you can do another grow thistime using larger pots. Rule of thumb 1 gallon per foot of height.
  3. If they were mine, I would leave them in the bottles and if they show signs of slowing down or yellowing of the leaves, give them a good feeding. You may have to feed more often, but over-ferting should not be an issue, as long as you have good drainage. You would be practicing a form of hydro, by tightening the cap and allowing the bottle to flood, then drain until very dry. This method may help to get nutes to all the roots, even though bound in a tangle. If you feed it the right amount, maybe it won't need any more root growth. If you are starting to get brown hairs on some buds at 5 week of 12's, it could be a sign of stress, or it could be a sneaky male flower has done its deed. (you don't necessarily have a 'hermie', so don't panic) If the tips of those buds stop growing, fertilization is the likely suspect. But make sure it is not being caused by light/heat or wind burn, just in case.
    happy growing, compadre, hasta luego...earth girl
  4. Caame back from my compassion centre, smoked a bowl of BATOCHE(anyone ever heard of this strain?), was super duper stoned and decided to do the deed. So I transplanted into 3 gallon pots using a 10 $ bag of Miracle gro 10 5 10 soil for flowers and veggies. I used a razor to carefully cut away the sides of my 2 litre pop bottles(they are free) and carefully put them in their new homes. I couldn't believe how compacted the roots were. This morning after the timer turned on the lights I crossed my fingers and had a look. Guess what ? Each plant grew 3 inches in 12 hrs. No wilting, the girls look very happy. I am thinking about flowering for another 6 wks. I will keep you all posted. I am going to get the hard drive fixed on my computer so photos will follow within the next month. Thanks for your help.

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