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  1. Hey all! My plan as of now is to go from rock wool/aero cloner (haven't decided yet, most likely will go with turbo kloner) to a 10 gallon pot of 70% coco 30% perlite in veg.. then 8 weeks later, put them in a 20 gallon of 70/30 coco/perlite in flower. My worry is that the 10 gallon is too big for the clones. So I was thinking maybe go from freshly rooted clone, to 3 gallon, to 10 gallon, and finishing in flower with 20 gallon.
    SO, what does everyone think of starting veg in a 10 gallon?? Also, is 20 gallons of coco too much? I fortunately have the room height to grow pretty large plants.
  2. 10 and 20 gallon pots are way overkill in my opinion. Because of the frequent feedings in coco you can grow a tree in a 2 gallon pot.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. That’s overkill..... like @mick foster said man you can grow a tree in two gallon pots....
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  4. You can go with the 10g. Very hard to overwater coco/perlite
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  5. thanks for all the responses as well as the welcoming!
    Yeah, I heard that in coco you will not need as big of pots which is why I was asking. But each plant will have 4x4 space and the ceiling is 10 feet so i wanted to grow it huge so i was thinking maybe i will need the 20 gallon pot. now you all said 20 is over kill, but what about 15 in flower then? Just trying to get some different opinions ! I might be over thinking this
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    To give you an idea what hydro can do. I grew a 4ft blue gelato in a 3gallon fabric pot. Final yield was 402grams using 2x QB302s pulling about 350w. Sure it was a bitch because at the end i had to water 2x a day. I could have setup the automated watering system but it was overkill for 1plant.

    I should have added it was seed to flip in 6weekz and about 16inches at flip
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