pot size (container not plant) :) (added pics) plz reply

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    my grow box is pretty small, alot of room in depth and width but not alot of height. to compensate i bought pots that look to be about 1.5 gallon instead of the recommended 3, a 3 gallon pot would leave almost no vertical room.

    do you think i will still get good results , lst, cfl, foxfarms nutes


    i plan to drop the bottom out to give about 6 inches of vertical growth but even then a 3 gallon pot would be pushing it
  2. Is that your max height right there? What's the dimension of your max height?
    Planning on doing any training?
  3. 6 inches of vertical growth is not enough. You can use that box to start seedlings and clones, but 6 inches of vertical growth is not enough room for a plant to survive in through flowering.
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    6inches is not the max vertical, i meant i can drop the bottom out of the box for an ADDITIONAL 6 inches, and yes i plan on LSTing them i have 8 holes in each pot around the edge. i plan to top them a few times and LST

    the dimensions currently are

    24 inches height (with bottom dropped out it is 30)
    14 inches deep
    34 inches wide
  5. sorry for excessive bumps, trying to get an answer on my day off
  6. hey man,

    30 inches is much better! are you planning on starting from seeds or clones?
  7. i read your other thread. have you germinated any seeds out of this batch successfully before? Since it's bagseed, the seeds may not be viable anymore if anything ever happened that decreased their ability to germinate before you ever even got the buds. If the seeds sit in a paper towel that is constantly evenly moist for about 24 to 72 hours between 76 and 86 degrees, they should show something. Tap or distilled water shouldn't make much of a difference in terms of whether it would germinate or not. Likely it's another factor and I suspect it to be something that decreased the viability of the seeds.
  8. i had sprouts from these seeds about 3 months ago , 3 sprouts ungerminated straight into soil. the seeds are extremely mixed though from who knows how many bags.
  9. i flower in both 3 gal and 1.5-2 gal containers.

    i get the same quality in both but probably about 30-40% more yield with the larger pots.
    so to solve that problem just grow an extra plant :)

    I'd suggest starting your seedlings in a 4" pot or plastic 16oz cup. Then transplanting into the 1.5g pots about a few days to a week before 12/12.

    edit: what type of soil mix is that? Is there any perlite or anything of the sort in there?
  10. it is organic choice miracle grow soil, its flushed a few times. I live in a small town and there is not much choice here, wallmart had nothing but soil with nutes already in it, i went with the one that at least said organic and then flushed it a few times in the pot in my bathtub.

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