pot size and light situation diagnosis plz

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  1. hey everybody, i had a few more questions about my upcoming first grow, but first, a lil info:

    i have 2 four foot fluorescent tube fixtures ( each holds two 40 watt tubes ) adding up to 160 watts.
    i also have 1 100 watt ( 555watt incand equiz ) hps lamp

    im planning on buying another of these hps lamps

    the total wattage would be 360 watts

    my plan as of now is to have the two HPS lamps above a SOG style grow with two fluoro fixtures on either sides of them sorta creating a dome above the plants

    the main question i have is, is it better to use 5 gallon buckets or some sort of other pot thats taller and narrower so i can get most lumers psf? i want to get about 8 plants in there

    any advice?

  2. 8 plants might be a little amitious, but maybe not for a SOG. I recommend a 3 gal "rose bucket". They are rectangular pots that are taller than usual and allow you to maximize your space. If you're going to go SOG, you'll be growing more, smaller plants so 5 gal is probably not necessary.
  3. thx for the advice...do u think home depot has these rose buckets u speak of?
  4. You can use almost anything for a pot. Just find a square, 3 gallon container of some sort. But home depot should have them.
  5. Does it have to be a 3-gal container? In addition to this being my first grow, I don't have much space to grow in so I don't want my plants to get too big...just in case I have to trash them. Currently my seedlings are in 10" terra cotta pots. Anyone know the volume of these things? I wanna say they're over 1-gal but I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. is there a such thing as thread stealing...cuz im pretty sure you just stole mine...please make your own if you have questions and/or read other peoples, dont start posting stuff on someone elses thread. its pretty rude
  7. for a sog,, under flouros,,, id veg. them in a 6'' pot,,and induce flowering in a 8-10'' pot,,, if you go with the sog,,,, they aint going to be that tall,,,, a end pot of 10'' is plenty enough,,,, in my eyes its too much,,,,, to each sog his own,,,,all i can do is comment on what ive observed,,,, here and there,,, i got a sog experimrnt plant going now,,,its in a 8'' pot,,,,, could be bigger. just depends on your height,,,and your veg period,,, i proably let mine go too far,,,,but hey its a experiment,,,its budding fine as frog hair,,,,from top to bottom,,,,if i had 16 of them under my 400 id be happy,,,,,, i think my next grows going to be a sog,,, of some fire bag seed i been holding ...sog and lst,,, thats my next grows combination,,,,,my 1 experimental lst plant would make you horny......all my plants right now i guess youd call experimental,,,,i got 3 verticals,,,,, i dont think ill grow straight the straight is good 4 outside,,as the sun rises,,, one side of your plant is drenched in light,,,,as it sets the back side is drenched with light,,,technology for the inside grower has created a light rail,,to mimick this,,,shit i think i answered your question?????? i gotta piss:eek:
  8. quit benig such a cuntie:D It's perfectly acceptible to post a question in someone's thread as long as it is pertaining to the topic at hand. If he started asking how to get his old Atari working or something, that's one thing, but he asked, specifically, about something that was discussed in your thread.

    3 gallon pots are not that big. I don't know if home depot has rose pots or not. I usually only see your average, everyday nursery pots there.

    When I wanted to do a tightly spaced grow, I'd always buy about 10 rubbermaid office trashcans (the cheapest black ones I could find) that were pretty rectangular and tall. They ended up being about 4 gallons if I remember correctly, but because they had a smaller footprint, you could really stack your plants on top of each other. Look in the trashcan aisle at Home Depot.
  9. I really don't see how I stole your thread...from my understanding your question was answered in the first couple of replies, so calm down.
  10. its o.k. ther guy CUNTIE is just being a cunt hahahahah what a name ''cuntie'' but you know what,,,, i post on a pot growing forum,,and call myself chicken.... so whos got the odd name????? :eek:
  11. lol thx for the garbage can idea i might do that....

    as for my bitchout on thread stealing...sorry, i was in withdrawal
  12. absolutely. :) just make sure you drill for drainage

    I don't think it was a big deal:smoke:

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