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  1. Good day gentlemen,

    First time grow here and I’ve got a little question about pot size. My boys were started indoors in April, and moved to outdoors about a month ago. The two AK47 are about 3-4 feet now, in 12 gallon finishing pots. I’m trying to get as big and monsterous as I can (within reason) and was just curious if this was an adequate size or if I should consider a 20 gallon or something. Any input is appreciated (Y)

  2. "as big and monster as possible" put them in 100 gal pots.

    are you growing males for a reason?
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  3. I'm going to try a 15 gal indoor this run ..not sure how it will turn out

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  4. I’d like them to still be moveable, so I’m thinking something a little less and sorry no, females, just a figure of speech. Would it be worth my while to go something much bigger at this point of the game?
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    Bigger the roots the bigger the fruits. I grew in 25s last year. This year I have several 65gal and raised beds. The 65 gallon ones have dwarfed the 25 gal ones by A LONG WAY. my 25s are about 3' across. One of the 65 gal is already well over 5' across. All were put outside on may 11th.

    The below is a 65 gal pot. The images are taken 35 days apart.


    As for potting up definitely do so. I waited way too long last year to pot up and it was kind of a pain in the ass to do it. Here is the plant in a 15gal pot right before I transplanted and then really close to when i cut it down in the 25gal grow bag.

    20180822_193759.jpg 20181016_111241.jpg Best of Wishes.
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  6. Thanks for the superb and informative response. I most certainly will try to get them in at least 25s. Maybe even bigger. Is transplanting at this time of season fine? I thought I read somewhere I didn’t want to repot too close to flowering.

    Many thanks
  7. I was in late stretch phase last season when I did. There is no reason you can't. We haven't entered transition yet but it's coming.

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