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Pot seems pretty dangerous guys!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr Cheeba, Oct 9, 2010.

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    I'm from Ontario, Canada and I always see this stupid canadian anti-pot commercial of this kid who gets offered a joint at a highschool party and then has a flashforward of the future. After he smokes he starts taking extacy and sleeps in school, gets caught with a nug of weed, gets addicted to hard drugs and screams at his mom. So he turns it down.... After that bullshit they tell you to go to [ame=""]://[/ame]

    I finally went to it and I think this site should be used to promote marijuana! I read all of the drug facts in order (pot last) described by the government of Canada and this is what I got from it... :smoke:

    Cocaine = Addictive, overdose can be lethal

    Meth = Very addictive, overdose can be lethal

    Ecstacy = After effects can last days-weeks

    Heroin = Addictive, overdose can be fatal

    Special K = Can be fatal in high amounts

    LSD = Can be addictive, psychosis with long term use

    Shrooms = Hard to tell the difference between shrooms and poisonous mushrooms

    PCP = Overdoses can lead to convulsions or a coma

    And finally...

    Cannabis = Has the potential to be addictive! :rolleyes:

    They cant even say "can"! And they also list the common fact that: Marijuana has over 400 chemicals and some of the same toxic substances found in tobacco smoke that can cause cancer. But in the big picture cigarettes and tobacco smoke have over 4000 chemicals that can cause cancer and weed only has 400 of these.

    No one has ever died from pot alone...
  2. if its not for you thats fine, i understand. i like how they make the dope smoker smirk like 'what a loser' even though the dope smokers the real loser. ugh, transparent.
  3. Its all good, more for us:rolleyes:
  4. [​IMG]

    what a creeper
  5. wow, at least above the influence puts SOME thought in their commercials.
  6. I agree with the Video; 12 year olds shouldn't be smoking pot ;)

    They should have just shown the kid asleep in class tho, wtf was up with the foil full of pills?
  7. Didnt your first joint make you move up to 4 hits of ecstasy? I know mine did..
  8. Yeah they def went overboard with that video, those pills are random as.

    If i were to make an Anti-Pot PSA for kids, it would have a 12 year old riding a BMX one handed, while smoking a joint.
    He gets the wobbles and stacks the bike, does a faceplant infront of a group of 10 Girls, who then all point and laugh/ take photos with thier phones.

    That shit would work, but only for dudes. (I didn't fall off my BMX smoking a joint untill i was 26, and there were no girls watching i hope)

    I don't know what type of realisitic PSA would convince 12 year old chicks not to smoke tho :confused_2:
  9. Did anyone else have fun playing the sliding board game at the bottom of each Drug "Facts" page? :)
  10. Yep. The first hit will always lead you to ecstasy
  11. Guess Canada makes up for cheap bud prices by constantly making them watch that sad shit lol.
  12. Did anyone else read these stories?

    I'm 15 and i have a really pretty girlfriend. This guy in an ally bribed me for 100 bucks to try weed... It was horrible and I choked. So I got a new girlfriend and when i kissed her I had that same choking feeling...
    but then i was addicted to weed but lucky for me, I told my Dad and he kept me away from any addicting substances.

    I wish i ran into people offering me 100 dollars to smoke:smoke:
  13. Whatever. I'm going to smoke. It ends there.
  14. hahahahahha this was under the stories

    just one puff

    Western Canada

    i was grade 8 and was hanging out with some new grade 12 friends i had just made. we were talking about halo when one of them pulled out a joint. they lit it and started passing it around and i wanted to be cool so i smoked it with them.

    after smoking that they were like "hey lets smoke some crack" and he pulled out a bag full of crack rocks. i was clawing at my arms trying to get the bugs out at this point. he passed around the pipe and we all smoked some crack and i was convinced there were bugs under my skin and i was starting to bleed from all the scratching.

    after smoking like 3 or 4 bowls of crack we left the house and we went into an alleyway and beat up some homeless guy. he had some heroin on him so we all shot up with his needle, but it wasnt much. when we were done shooting up all the H one of my friends curb stomped the homeless guy and i threw a rock through a window for some reason i dont remember.

    we went into a mcdonalds and i tried ordering some food but instead of talking i started vomitting and i threw up all over myself. i then pushed the cash register off the counter and called the cashier a stupid %#@*$. i punched one of my friends in the mouth and then ran out of the mcdonalds screaming.

    outside i grabbed a brick off the ground and smashed a cars window and unlocked it and got in. i started vomitting all over the seats once i realised i couldnt start the car without the keys. in a fit of rage and dire need for more crack i stormed back into the mcdonalds where my friends are and started shouting "i need crack i need crack give me some crack". i guess i thought it was all a dream because i would normally never do this.

    one of my friends was like "yo i got you covered dont worry" and he took me into the washroom there. there were a bunch of little kids in there and i was covered in vomit but i didnt care. he handed me a bag of powdered cocaine and i busted open one of the stalls and started to make lines on the toilet seat. i forgot to the close the stall so some little 6 year old was watching me as i snorted lines of coke.

    we all left the mcdonalds after that and my friends were laughing at me saying "haha we have a little crack fiend on our hands". we broke into another car and then my friends pulled out some meth and pcp and we smoked a lot of bowls. using one of the shards of glass nearby i started to slice open my arms to get the bugs out.

    i had to get stitches for the cuts i made and i dont remember much after we kept smoking all that pcp/meth joints. the next morning i woke up in a rundown house full of passed out addicts and i went home. apparently i had come home at one point during the night and robbed my mom with a knife and took a crap on the floor.

    my mom put me in rehab and im permanently brain damaged. i cannot do math anymore and im in a wheelchair from the dirty heroin needle. i have flashbacks to this day and im not the same.

    dont smoke pot ever also one of my friends is dead from overdose
  15. :laughing:
    That story of the kid smoking weed crack and heroin all in one day then running into McDonald's screaming and throwing up everywhere might be one of the funniest things I've ever read in my entire life
  16. The chemical count is always misleading. Coffee has just as many. THC counteracts the carcinogens. Thats why its not linked to cancer.
  17. So its bad to smoke weed at a house party, but of course they dont mention anything about the alcohol that they are drinking there?

    These Anti-Weed commercials really have some fucked up producers. They must be so dense in the head that they believe weed is worse than alcohol.

    Why wouldn't they have someone offer the kid a beer at the party, and then have him flash forward to dropping out of school, getting kicked out of his house, marrying a drunk prostitute, beating his wife while drunk, then die because of alcoholism? Because according to the media, Weed is worse than alcohol.

    Whats wrong with the world these days?
  18. If a kid hesitated that long when I held my hand out to offer him a joint I would have sucked it back and hit that fucker and passed it to someone else.
  19. The fuck? Are those kids like 10? haha

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