Pot seeds that were flushed now flourish

Discussion in 'General' started by Nevada420, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Gives new meaning to "Dude, that's some good shit!"


    Pot seeds that were flushed now flourish
    Star Tribune | Published Jul 31, 2002

    REXBURG, Idaho -- Marijuana plants are flourishing at the sewage treatment plant in Rexburg.
    Officials say the pot seeds apparently were flushed down the toilet and took root on the banks of the city's sewage treatment ponds. Police cut down 10 marijuana plants, some as high as 3 1/2 feet.

    But pot isn't the only thing that grows in the fertile environment of human waste. Public Works Director John Millar says he's seen everything from tomatoes to sunflowers.

    Not wanting to attract curious pot heads, officials aren't saying exactly where they found the illegal weed growing.
  2. lol this is hilarous! thanks for sharing this news story, i can just imagine the dude who found the plants...

    i'd be like SCORE!! wait... these plants are using human ass-droppings for fertilizer... not to mention all the chemicals use to treat the sewage!

    maybe NOT a score. nastyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. But it does present with a new attack front.....

    Instead of fighting to get marijuana legalized under "drug" classification why not get the Environmental people in on this fight, and just fight for marijuana to be returned to it's rightful classification of PLANT?

    We all know that MJ can give back nutrients to the soil, which we desprately need.... not to mention all the products that can been developed from hemp, ect.

    ...... still a little mellow from the "blueberry" last night..... is this a crazy idea, or worth a thought?

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