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  1. the pot im planting in doesnt have holes i can put them in there but if i leave it as it is will it work or will the water stay on the top
  2. Put holes in it. The reason the holes are there is to allow the excess water to drain off so you don't have root rot.
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    Pots w/o holes will work but they will make watering tricky. Just enough water each time to moisten the bottom soil, not drench it. Another issue will be measuring pH. Most folks think the runoff water tells the most about pH.

    Good growing to ya.

  4. put holes in it bro. bad idea to try to ration your water to prevent root rot. Even with holes in the bottom you gotta ration your water but you have more "gray area" to work with. This is grade school horticulture. Dont make simple mistakes. good luck.;)
  5. ok and im doing a micro grow with a 2 in a half gallon bucket im thinking about making it hydro next year but with holes ill have to find something to put under it
  6. i have something that will fit but can hold alotta water should i still do it or make it hydro
  7. quit wastin time on here and drill some holes and plant that fucker.
  8. already did and i was looking for a container for the water to drain to and i threw a metal pot the put the 2 in a half gallon bucket on it o ya and i put holes in with my knife and i rigged a 6 inch fan to lock in to place right next to it and thats my intake
  9. nice.. im using one of those tinfoil brownie pans for my run off... i got pics up on the other thread.
  10. thats cool and i saw them and id your plant turns out be be a female and you take a set of clones while its in flowering they will be branching alot more i think its worth trying theres threads on here about them
  11. ya i think you found the link for that and put it on my other thread, preesh... but im thinking about it.. well see. day 29 tomorrow and im hoping itll start going soon..

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