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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by i <3 headies, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. I love marijuana, and i spend my days enjoying the fruits of the seed. i have a great knowledge in its forms and i educate myself on the plant whenever i feel the need for further advancement. i am a gardener also. i love to write, and am thinking about researching the fundamentals of pot etiquette. i would like everyone and anyones help that would like to be published and receive a free copy of the book when finished. its time for american to become enlightened. when you make pot smoking a daily activity, you tend to notice when things are not being done right. what are your pet peeves when it comes to smoking pot with someone who does not take into consideration the manners involved...
  2. so i love to smoke weed, and i love to write. furthermore, i love to write while smkoing weed, but thats besides the point. whats im trying to get at here is that im compiling a book dedicated to the merry plant that keeps me high all day. i would love to ask the opinions of the many stoners on this site-you are all very accepting and always know whats going on. america needs to be introduced the the world of pot etiquette-because it exists. when you devote your life to something that makes you happy, there are always rules involved - lose rules - yet rules nevertheless. there are different rules for different parts of the country ive noticed, and this is where i could use the help. if you would like to be published and recieve a free copy of the book, please, do not hesitate to put in your two sensi. what are the basic principles involved? what is considered 'rude' when it comes to pot smoking in your circle. what are some of your pet peeves when it comes to smoking with people who have a lack of respect for the plant and the person suppling the session. in advance, thanks for all your help.
  3. Writing and ganja together at last. A perfect mix for the city. welcome. A few searchs on the site could give you some good insights.
  4. yessir. nothing like marijuana and writing long diatribes no one will ever read. i guess that's the beauty of the forum on an online head-shop ... people will read them. i am also a fan of playing guitar with bizarre effects and drawing when i'm high. i advise you to do both ... simultaneously.
  5. in response to what you said in your post, not just to the post itself:If you have pot. Smoke someone out. That's how it goes. I was at Bonnaroo, and I had pot. Some guy had this bubble dispenser which added a lot to the whole atmosphere. So after the show, i smoked him out to show my appreciation. That's how we do it in Memphis. Also, if you know the bowl is getting cashed, let the next person know. I mean that's shitty if you know you just got the last of it, but you hand it to the next person so that you won't have to clean it. And also ... Waking Life is an excellent movie.

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