Pot Planet: Adventures in Global Marijuana Culture (Paperback)

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    Pot Planet: Adventures in Global Marijuana Culture[​IMG]

    From Publishers Weekly
    For this adventurous travelogue, freelance journalist Preston (a contributor to Rolling Stone, Details and Vogue) literally smoked his way around the world, investigating marijuana culture in the U.S. and Europe as well as in places as far away as Nepal, Morocco, Australia and Southeast Asia. Although the idea of a journalist smoking himself across the globe might sound like the kind of lightweight assignment dreamed up at a High Times office party, the book, based mostly on Preston's extensive travels, is a marvelously entertaining, well-written and probing look at the world through marijuana, from the plant itself to the subculture of peoples who smoke it (an estimated 200 million worldwide), grow it, sell it and outlaw it. Throughout, Preston proves himself to be both an intrepid traveler and a fine storyteller. He effortlessly weaves tales humorous and harrowing, vividly rendering his environs and introducing readers to an array of fascinating characters, from growers in Vancouver to activists in London and a variety of guides and acquaintances in exotic locales. A copious researcher, he is equally at ease detailing plant science or the evolution of Amsterdam's drug policies. To his credit, Preston avoids introducing any sort of legalization polemic until a final, brief chapter, which is an unfortunate addition. His musings at the book's end only interfere with any conclusions readers themselves might be expected to draw. Still, for those who share an affinity with Preston's subject, this excellent book will be devoured like a tray of brownies.
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    From Library Journal
    In the late 1990s, freelance journalist Preston wrote an article for Rolling Stone on marijuana culture in Vancouver, where he was living. Inspired by the experience, he traveled to 11 countries, from Nepal to the United States, to investigate marijuana availability, quality, and devotees. Along the way, he smoked, ate, and drank a great deal of pot. Among the most fascinating aspects of his book, which is a mix of travelog, cultural history, and screed, are his investigations of the arcana of marijuana culture, especially the science of growing the plant and the different varieties of seeds available. Preston is clearly a proponent of legalization and sees the United States as a veritable dinosaur in this area. His book is a very entertaining read, informally written. Recommended for most libraries. A.O. Edmonds, Ball State Univ., Muncie, IN
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    From Booklist
    Preston's book is a hybrid of two strains of ganja literature. Like Patrick Matthews' Cannabis Culture (2000), it comments on the taste and effects of the strains of evil weed that its author encountered, and, like other potted travelers' writings, it reports on marijuana culture throughout the world. Intending to "fling myself by the slingshot of velvet-comfort modern air travel to a dozen countries around the world, in order [to] experience the dance of intimacy between humankind and marijuana in all its infinite variety and confusion" (whew!), Preston has produced, he hopes, "the tour guide for a global gourmet-ganja holiday." He traveled in Nepal, Morocco, various European lands, Australia, British Columbia, but, surprisingly, not Jamaica. He gives a judge's (his) perspective on Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup competition, orates on "Two Justices" where Mary Jane is concerned, and delivers a "Pot Polemic" for good measure. More than just another stoner's travelogue because of Preston's eye for cultural variation, the book demonstrates how pervasive pot use and culture really are. Mike Tribby
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    Product Description
    Marijuana is cultivated in nearly every region of the world, from the jungles of Laos to the arid hills of northern California. It's smoked and enjoyed for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes by an estimated 200 million people worldwide. In Pot Planet, journalist Brian Preston sets out on a global ganja safari to explore strange new cannabis cultures, to seek out new growers, activists, and other reefer revolutionaries ... and to boldly get baked with each of them. Preston's journeys take him across every strata of pot cultivation and enjoyment. In the Canadian Kootenays he meets hemp farmers struggling to harvest their crop on the fringes of legitimacy. In Cambodia and Morocco he explores the final frontiers of Third World weed enthusiasts. In northern California he takes a clear-eyed look at the medicinal marijuana movement, seeing both its promises and its problems. In England, Switzerland, and Spain he observes grudging governments catching up to public tolerance. And at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam he joins in the raucous multiday tasting competition and celebration at the international summit of the best breeders, growers, and connoisseurs in the world. Part investigative travelogue, part cultural history, part polemic for the unfettered enjoyment of nature's most perfect and pleasing herb, Pot Planet is an unforgettable odyssey into the multifaceted world of hemp, full of wit, insight, and inspiration.

    Pot Planet: Adventures in Global Marijuana Culture[​IMG]

  2. just got this one. looks good
  3. thanks for link i m going to buy this one
  4. read the entire book and I thought it was average. It contained some good stories like when Preston went to Nepal, Morocco, and australia.

    Still a good read nonetheless.

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