Pot Pigs: Farmer Pioneers Marijuana-Fed Pork

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  1. Pot Pigs: Farmer Pioneers Marijuana-Fed Pork SEATTLE MAN FINDS TASTY USE FOR POT FARM WASTE
     [​IMG] By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff  |  Posted Jun 19, 2013 4:01 AM CDT

    (NEWSER) â€“ Marijuana and bacon: together at last? A pig farmer in Washington state is making the most out of legalization by feeding stems, stalks, and leaves left over from pot-farming operations. He says the marijuana-fed pigs-which end up as bacon, sausages, and pulled pork-gain weight 20% faster than his other ones, possibly because they spend all their time so inactive that they barely raise their heads. In "blind bacon tests," customers describe the taste as "more savory," he tells NBC.
    [SIZE=11.199999809265137px]The farmer - who doesn't smoke pot himself - came up with the idea after meeting dispensary owners.   (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)[/SIZE]​
  2. Very interesting, I wonder how it would work for cows and other animals as well. More efficency = more meat. 
  3. more likely they are healthier pigs and that's why they grow 20% faster, the oils in those stems are, as we all know, very beneficial to health.wonder if my chickens would eat any, i know my parrot didn't seem very interested. :p
  4. Doesn't it have to be heated to work?
  5. A little scrap weed into the pig's slop and pooooooof......bacon goes from $5 to $10/lb.
    No, the pigs are still getting nutritional value from the leaves, sticks and stems that they are eating.  However, it doesn't matter how much of this stuff that they eat since it will not get them high.  Its similar to us eating bud.  You can eat it and chew on it (it tastes like crap after chewing on it for awhile) but you will not get high.  I got a bit of a buz from just chewing on actual bud, but you will not get high just by eating it but you still gain that good nutritional value that it contains.
  7. The cannabis plant is like the top of the plant kindom. Figure why all those bugs and other animal chooses to eat my plant than any other in the forest.
    Other way around... Did you not see more efficency = more meat? If the pigs are growing 20% faster, that's basically an extra pig out of every 5. More meat to process it should essentially bring it down. But you'd have to have an entire nation doing that, not just a few farmers who grow in legal states. 
  9. Did you not see that the pigs get no exercise and thats "possibly" why they gain weight quicker? Of course, they are trying to imply that the pot fed pigs are stoned and lazy, but it's just a gimmick. Maybe he is feeding these pigs more or has them locked in a pen so tight they can't move? Maybe the pigs really don't grow any faster and the guy is full of shit :eek: The guy is charging more for his "pot pork" , getting tons of free publicity and laughing all the way to the bank.
    On a grand scale, there's no doubt that scrap weed could be used extensively for animal feed, but it would probably be good to look into this guys claims closely and have a separate farmer see if he could duplicate the results before getting to excited about this.
  10. i doubt that his claims are so far fetched. There are a range of compounds in the leaves and stems including THC, which would affect the pigs appetite and disposition. 
  12. I think they should get the hogs nice and stoned before the slaughter - it's the least they can do.
    Domesticated pigs don't move very much even if they have lots of room to roam.....they'll find a shady spot under a tree and only move enough to stay out of the sun (pigs get sunburned....which is why they love mud so much, protects them from the sun)  
    Also, pigs can eat and digest just about anything, so this guy has just figured out a way to get free pig feed, and lots of publicity........
  14. Now we just need to get the pigs in blue to try weed. A lot of our problems would be solved
  15. It'd be nice if this worked with other animals as well like cows and chickens so someday we could replace the shit corn that's fed to them.

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