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  1. The government has posted a page where the voice of Americans can at least scream at them. Open your mouths, in this case your browser, and let the government know just how many of us are backing this! Sign and share. Tell everyone you know smokes, everyone who doesn't but supports it. Even those people you suspect may support it.

    Facebook it, twitter it, email it, blog it, spread the word.

  2. No offense, but your kinda late...

    Good first post though. Welcome!
  3. This post still has value in that others still unaware of the drug war-related petitions might learn about them.

    As far as the chances of any such petition achieving something are concerned, lots of you probably still remember President Obama's casual disdain and condescending half-response when the opportunity he gave for Youtube users to send him video questions was almost completely dominated by this issue. It's doubtful he'll do anything more this time, especially in light of the crusade he's recently sanctioned for the DEA against California's medical marijuana infrastructure. But the more people who are exposed to the White House's hypocrisy on this issue, the better. If by the end of this month 100,000 or even 200,000 previously uninvolved people sign the petition only to be insulted and brushed aside, that could make a significant difference in future votes about "decriminalization" and legalization.

    News related to medical marijuana and legalization efforts recently has been grim, and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better. But I still think it's only a matter of time before the Drug War ends. Just like the US war in Vietnam, and hopefully its more recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Eventually all the old Drug Warriors will either be dead or come around to our side, for whatever reasons.
  4. Truthfully it pities me to know marijuana websites don't have this link posted on all of the front pages. I emailed high times in hopes of their suport. I have yet to see their compliance. I know the majority of us are potheads and we need to be pulled from this smog of "it'll work itself out" and into our act of defending what we believe in. Post this 100 times if you have to. We need to make our voices heard if we really want them to see our demand for respect!
  5. [quote name='"Kush Wizard"']This post still has value in that others still unaware of the drug war-related petitions might learn about them.

    I never said it didn't.

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