Pot Pet Poison?

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  1. I recently acquired 2 beagle pups named Bunny & Wingnut... they're brother and sister. I've registered them with the AKC. One of the things that came with registration was the New Puppy Handbook. While reading through it, I came across a listing of substances that are poisonous to dogs. On that list, they've put marijuana. This is news to me. I'm sure they mean that eating it is bad for dogs (I've known too many stoned dogs in the past, so I'm assuming they don't mean the smoke), but I've never heard that before. Has anyone else? Is eating marijuana bad for dogs?
  2. idk man i heard of ppls dogs eating there stash and nothing bad ever seemed to happen to those dogs but idk
  3. They prolly just wrote that so you dont go home and get your pups blazed:smoking:
  4. forgot that I was going to include their picture...

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  5. Get them stoned and see if they die.

  6. Now, there's a wise choice... let me try that! Thanks for the help!
  7. lol thats terrible man...

    im sure if they did get ahold of pot and ate it they'd be fine... however ther are some dogs out ther who are verry allergic to certain things and foods and stuff...
  8. Lol, it was a joke :p

    But I SERIOUSLY dought that it will kill them or affect them at all (apart from getting them stoned!)
  9. I could be wrong, but I think the people who included marijuana in the book meant the plant itself. I've heard of dogs eating people's stashes, getting high, all that stuff. But if you had a plant growing and they ate that, it probably wouldn't be good.
  10. Ahh... I never thought of the growing plant itself! And come to think of it, that does soound vaguely familiar. Maybe it is the growing plant that's no good for them. Well, nothing to worry about there...! Thanks!
  11. it's the plants or the stash if they ingest it. MJ can be fatal to dogs. One just needs to be careful. If someone's dog ate ther stash and didn't have probs, then they must not have eaten much of it, or they just got real lucky.

    Bottom line is if you have dogs, keep your stash out of reach.
  12. I don't see how it could be poisionous to dogs, honestly.
    But those are cute puppies, though!! :)
  13. I've got an english springer, and i started to get him high maybe once or twice a week, for a few months, and he should be getting close to full grown now, and is a lot smaller then i expected him to get, he's probably around 30lbs now, and pretty small, his parents were both around 50lbs, so im not sure if he's just small or what, or if smoking him up while he was still growing stumped his growth or something i dont know lol, anyways i'm pretty high, not sure if any of this is making sense...

  14. My method :hello:
  15. really? you don't? do you see how chocolate, onions, garlic, or tulip bulbs could be?

    what's the #1 thing on this list?
  16. My friend's dog eat a brownie that was in her drawer once, she was all worried because the dog was puking shit and just looking miserable, but I'm sure it was from ALL the chocolate and not the weed, since I've gotten dogs high and they not only not die, but have a hell of a good time.
  17. if they're under 5 lbs, they'll die.
    that's the last i've read.
  18. I could see how eating alot could be very bad for dogs, especially ones with genetic heart conditions from too much selective breeding (causing truckloads of health problems for more dogs every generation). But i wouldnt worry, the fact is most things are bad for us, but most things wont kill us. The things you should be concerned about your do eating are chemicals and shit like that, anything else might give them a belly ache but unless they arleady have shit wrong with them or they eat alot i think you're fine.

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