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Pot or not?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cheese Burgers, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Hey, I am curious if the following sample is pot or not. It smells like dried plant but not dried bud... It was supposedly stored in a pickle jar but I am not smelling the pickles. Is this pot? Any way of testing it other than smoking this deal and dying from "strangeplantitus"?

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  2. Looks like untrimmed popcorn bud and leaf . Only one way to tell if it gets you high .
    I hope it was cheap or free .
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  3. That does not look like cannabis. At best it's trimmings or old leaves.
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  4. It was a free sample I asked for. This exact scenario in mind, I wanted to test the product before buying.
  5. They must think you're a fool because they certainly don't respect you by trying to pass those trimmings off as cannabis. I'm afraid I'd have to tell those people to go fuck themselves. Or before doing that at least ask where the real nugs are and why they aren't selling it. This is what herb should look like, notice it's in bud form and not just scraggly leaves and poop-corn. Blue-D2.jpg
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  6. Wait guys wait I see little premature buds in there not trimmed so maybe if they was like fuck it here try it I get it if not Def don't buy untrimed bud

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  7. omg I want to smoke my phone lol
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  8. Good thing it was a free sample... lmfao.
  9. Looks like trimmings and leaves. Could just be some really really shitty shake. You always get what u pay for

    How can you tell me this plant is not good for me?
  10. Wouldn't buy from anyone that is ok with this kind of quality being passed off. Find a new place.
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  11. Echoing what other blades have said, it could be some part of the cannabis plant. But it's not bud...there might be some shake in there, but looks like mostly trimmings to me.

    Definitely agree with these guys...if that was a "free sample" of this connect's goods, it probably won't get much better if you become a "paying customer" :D
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  12. This is one of those rare times somebody gets ripped off for free. Wasn't worth the time picking it up.
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